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5 Tools to Brighten Your Content Marketing


5 Tools to Brighten Your Content Marketing

Analysis of your content and potential new audiences are just some of its advantages. There are three key skills for a good editor to succeed in generating growth around content creation: Being able to find a meeting point between the content and the audience.
Be VP Business Development Email Lists -oriented. Take advantage of opportunities. Next, I share a compilation of tools that will make these skills flourish and / or enhance: I. FIND POPULAR CONTENT Buzzsumo inspires your content marketing strategy byfinding the most popular content on social media , uncovering the actions with the most impact from your competition and identifying the tribes of users with the most affinity for your product.

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Socialcrawlytics is another excellent alternative that allows you to analyze content shared on social networks , locate your active audience and discover new Betting Email List. III. FIND YOUR CONTENT PLAGIARIZED Plagium and Copyscape are two simple and powerful tools that will find any content with evidence of being copied at the dawn of the web. IV. MONITOR CHANGES IN THE CONTENT OF ANY WEBSITE Visualping does an automatic follow-up based on the interval configured to the url that you have entered and will notify you when a change has occurred. With this you can already get the full potential of your content marketing . Let’s do it!

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