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5 steps to creating content that everyone wants to share


5 steps to creating content that everyone wants to share

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3. Use share buttons
Okay, maybe this tip applies primarily to those who blog and post as often as a solid content VP Maintenance Email Lists strategy requires ; but it is too valuable to ignore. If you haven’t already, add social share buttons to every page of your site. There are many tools; on this site we use SumoMe which is free and also provides social proof (number of shares by others), but there are several more. Social Warfare is great too.
4. Mention people by name in your content
Have you heard of influencer marketing? It is a way to promote your company through people, who are an authority in a given niche. But you can also promote your content through influencers, especially if they mention them by name. This gives your content credibility. Citing experts is a smart idea and raving them on the networks even more, because it opens the possibility that they will share it again. See how Brian Solis, a great influencer, appreciates the fact of being included in a content.Content that is shared

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5. Write great headlines
Here’s a bitter truth: Most people aren’t going to read your content. Even if they share it. Does it hurt to know? We know it, but it’s true. It is common for the decision to share to come from a good headline; it is the great titles that win the hearts of users and drive them to share, so if these are not optimized for this purpose, forget it. It doesn’t matter if you used the best images or created the most complete post. You have no hope. See how this Entrepreneur post has been shared over twenty times in just 24 minutes.To write attractive headlines you must remember that people love numbers, so every time you have a list of tips or tools do not forget to tell them with an exact number. Add something exciting and use close language that he can relate to. Talk about yourself to the reader, show them what they want to know, and sometimes give them a sense of urgency, like: 10 Unbelievable t Betting Email List Facts You Should Know Today.Since you have all these tips in your hands, it will surely not be difficult for you to get your followers to share your content in every corner of the internet, tell us about your experience through our social networks and do not forget to leave a comment before leaving, we love to hear from you !


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