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5 Secrets of influencer marketing on TikTok


5 Secrets of influencer marketing on TikTok

TikTok has become the social network par excellence in recent months. The short, funny and original videos hook followers of TikTok, which already reaches 800 million monthly active users.Unless you live on another planet, you haven’t heard of TikTok in the last few months. Its meteoric growth, the beastly number of new influencers, Instagram’s attempts to copy it ( reels ) and even its problems with the North American government have made this social network a very trendy topic … And in this scenario, marketers have not slow to wonder: what are the chances of influencer Nepal Phone Number List on TikTok ? TikTok has become the social network par excellence in recent months. The short, funny and original videos hook followers of TikTok, which already reaches 800 million monthly active users. The Chinese app on the heels of Instagram (one billion active users) has become one of the most popular influencer marketing tools for brands internationally.

Recently the influencer marketing agency, SamyRoad, identified the 5 main factors to develop an advertising campaign with the new content creators known as tiktokers … but before telling you, let us show you some examples of the power of this new breed of influencers, which They can even make dance videos that educational materials, don’t you believe us? Take a look! Examples of influencers on TikTok Among the main tiktokers are the famous Twin Melody twins . With almost 14 million followers on TikTok, the twins Aitana and Paula Etxeberria were among the first Spanish to conquer the social network. Currently they continue to add followers thanks to their covers and identical choreographies.

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Another good example is the photographer Jordi Koalitic , who shares with his more than 17 million followers the making of his sessions, as well as impressive photos taken with affordable materials. This is the best proof that TikTok is not only full of banal content for teenagers and that it is feasible to use it for content marketing .Another different profile and also very followed is that of Giulia , who with more than four million followers, publishes with her puppy Ralph, comic dubbing and sketches.As you can see, it is not simply about getting up one day and saying I want to be an influencer and then start recording and be a huge success … you have to have an idea behind it, and therefore you have to analyze what is successful and why … Let’s take a look.

5 secrets of influencer Betting Email List on TikTok to be successful
With Generation Z being its main audience (41% of TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24), “more and more brands are investing in influencer marketing on TikTok to reach a younger audience and not fall behind their Main competitors.For creators it is also another opportunity to create different content and be financially rewarded, ”says Patricia Ratia, CEO of Europe and CFO of SamyRoad , the influencer marketing agency that recently identified the factors necessary for an advertising campaign to be successful in TikTok:Measurement . To measure the results of a tiktoker, it is essential to assess the views, the times a video is shared or the times the published content has been replicated. These measurements are also important to identify the most suitable creators to run an advertising campaign on TikTok. In addition, the engagement rate that is generated must be taken into account, although the main objective is visualizations, consumption and content creation, beyond the interaction in them.
Content based exclusively on entertainment. The content creator sets aside his personal or professional life to base his content on challenges, fun dances and lip syncing with the aim of entertaining and making fans laugh.
The number of likes is not the most important thing. The TikTok algorithm rewards the quality of content and creativity when promoting one video or another. In this way, any user can turn their publication into a viral video. Brands will need to invest in content creators capable of generating exclusive and engaging content for their target audience. In this social network, the creators are specialized in specific topics such as dance or humor. That is why brands must understand that tiktokers do not usually leave their territory of topics because it is what works for them and for what they are specialized. They are the biggest connoisseurs of every movement and effect that is trending at all times.
Take into account the rest of the creator’s social networks. Most of them do a cross promotion between TikTok and Instagram to try to bring followers from one platform to the other and in this way that the messages reach the largest possible audience.
Transparency in advertising. On TikTok, just like on Instagram, users thank creators for being transparent when posting sponsored content.
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