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5 premises of quality content that you should not forget


5 premises of quality content that you should not forget

The importance of quality content is neither an urban legend nor something invented by the marketer on duty. On the contrary, Google itself has been hinting for some time where the shots should go in terms of the content it considers of value.However, the problem is that many companies and professionals are not listening to the clues that are being given, and the inconvenience of excess worthless content continues to grow and grow.Google and its crusade for quality content
According to Google, in its article entitled “An advertising ecosystem that works for everyone” , during the past year more than 11,000 sites were flagged and reviewed for potentially false or misleading content .Of those 11,000 sites analyzed for potential misrepresentation france mobile number list , more than 650 were blocked and 90 publishers removed from the Google network.As for the content extracted from other sources, in 2017 more than 12,000 websites were blocked from this search engine for copying and duplicating content from other sites. It must be remembered at this point that in 2016 there were 10,000 blocked sites, which makes us clearly see Google’s commitment to fight against this type of action with content .Screenshot 2019-01-16 at 16.25.40Google SpainBut Google is not the only one that is giving us guidelines and alerting us to how we should act in terms of content marketing .



For almost two years, two studies by Moz and Buzzsumo began to warn us of a very serious problem: around 75% of blog articles were only able to return about 10 social interactions and no links from other domains.With these data in hand, the term “content shock” coined by Mark Schaeffer, which categorically defined the content landscape , was already beginning to be heard with force . A panorama that, like a prophecy, is being fulfilled to the letter to increase the headaches of those of us who dedicate ourselves to content marketing in its different facets.Click here to download the guide “Contents: the pillar of inbound marketing”
Let’s take a closer look at the problem in Schaeffer’s own words:“This upward trend in content consumption does not hold up because each human being has a physical limit that limits the amount of content they can consume. I think that as marketers we have felt a false sense of security in thinking that this consumer trend will continue to grow endlessly. That is simply not possible. “Once these antecedents are known, it seems indisputable the need to put the batteries in search of different formulas that bring us closer to quality content in each of our marketing actions.What is quality content and what is not?
Before advancing in the development of the answer to this question, we must make it clear that there is no magic formula with which to generate quality content as if they were churros because we have the ideal recipe. What does exist is a series of guidelines that irremediably keep us away from our content being mediocre.But let’s go back to the question and make it clear that content marketing encompasses any type of marketing that involves creating or sharing media and publishing content with a clear obective in mind that is none other than to win customers.This necessarily implies offering useful and valuable information to our target audience, and doing so from a much broader spectrum than the aggressive sales pitch of a lifetime.It is a proven fact that the way of selling has changed over the years and, at this time, the sales cycle has a much longer shape that makes generating and distributing quality and useful content position companies as leaders in their sector. In this way, when a potential customer is in the final purchase decision stage, the important thing is that the company is the first thing on their mind.This is what we have to look for: to be the top of mind for our target, for which we find a perfect ally in content marketing.Well, now that we are clear that we must be the company dreamed of by consumers, let’s analyze another very important myth and not without controversy: “the amount of content created and distributed by a company is a determining factor for the success of its marketing actions of contents ”.This statement, which continues to penetrate deep into many professionals who dedicate themselves to creating and creating content as if there were no tomorrow, contains a series of traps related to metrics. Because it is quite common that by the same rule of three, when analyzing the results of the content created, it is thought that having a huge amount of traffic is an unequivocal symptom of success and quality of content.Traffic is important, of course, but there are some cases where it is totally useless. The traffic directly associated with conversions that’s important, not the traffic that represents mere vanity metric and is not translated rather than visits not then close and do not contribute to the purpose of content marketing we mentioned to win customers.What aspects do you have to take into account to create quality content?
We are going to focus on 5 key aspects when injecting that fundamental ingredient called quality into our content.1. The contribution of value
The word “value” has already appeared several times in this article, but that is not why we are going to stop mentioning how important it is to offer content with substance to our potential clients.Writing the first thing that comes to mind, in a concise way and in inappropriate formats, are exceptional ways to scare readers away and show ourselves to our sector as perfectly inept to attract an audience.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to our blog!
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On the contrary, listening to what they need, knowing in what formats they consume the content and knowing what topics they are interested in are synonymous with attracting more and more readers related to what we are saying.As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, there is an increasingly pressing problem of generating content that stands out, and some companies are beginning to be aware of this.It is for this reason that innovative content marketing actions such as stocks of ready-to-download articles are destined to become the superhero who will fight and defeat shock content or content fatigue.

The key to this type of pioneering content solutions is that they encompass two very important premises, such as saving time in content creation and the certification of original content. An example of this is Betting Email List .2. SEO positioning
It is useless to create content if later these go unnoticed and are not seen by those related to whom they have to be directed.Let’s put a simile: what good is it for a film director to shoot a film technically deserving of an Oscar if he does not then distribute it correctly between critics and the public?Well, SEO in content is the same: if we generate content but do not help it to be seen via search engines, it is as if we had created private pieces for our four friends.quality content googleAs in point number 1 about valuable content, in SEO quantity does not mean quality , and thus a publication full of keywords that Google interprets as “forced” will not only not achieve good results but will have a negative effect on in terms of search engine optimization.Remember that Google has been warning us for a long time of its preference for naturalness and for enriching user searches . For this reason, instead of stuffing an article or publication with the same keyword, what really helps us is to use the semantic richness, the twists and the synonyms to guarantee the naturalness and relevance of our content.3. The reputation
There are more and more companies and businesses offering similar products, if not identical, and that is why those companies that enjoy a good online reputation are called to knock more likely on the doorstep of success.A lack of relevance and mediocre content will cause the perception of the company by potential customers to go in this direction, which, far from attracting and retaining them, will cause a mass flight.Along these lines, it must be remembered that in these times, users give great value to the opinions of other users before what the companies themselves tell.Thus, if our company is mentioned by other users as a reference and they endorse with their opinions that good online reputation that we were talking about, we will have enough positive points to enjoy the favor of other possible clients.

5 premises of quality conte

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