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5 ideas de inboundización para empresas SaaS (Software como Servicio)


5 ideas de inboundización para empresas SaaS (Software como Servicio)

The SaaS software distribution model grows unstoppable and is confirmed as one of the cloud branches with the most potential. If you are in this sector and you are struggling to position your brand, you should know that Japan Phone Number List is one of the most effective strategies to achieve it. It can help Software as Service (SaaS) companies boost their sales and acquir customers fast enough to cover their investment.list_altIndex of contents
What is inboundization?
5 inboundization ideas to boost the sales of your SaaS company
You may not have heard of this set of techniques yet, or you may not be so clear about inbound marketing (to clear up any doubts, I recommend reading this article ). But it does not matter, because in the following lines I will help you find the answer to all your questions and, together, we will discover the strategies that best suit your business.What is inboundization?
It is called inboundización to the set of combined marketing techniques, inspired by inbound marketing, which aim to leverage existing assets of a company to achieve short – term results or immediately.

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The key points of inboundization are:Self-analysis: to identify resources, connections and assets that can serve this purpose.
Focus on the short term: despite being a strategy that has its roots in inbound Betting Email List , by resorting to this type of technique, it seeks to meet immediate objectives.How to start inboundization?
There is no general rule that applies to all companies that want to experience the potential of inboundization . The reason is that each one has different assets, and that leads them to also different opportunities, which they must know how to see and take advantage of.However, SaaS companies often share some similar characteristics. On them I have based myself to summarize 5 strategies that will give you good results. Take note!Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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5 inboundization ideas to boost the sales of your SaaS company
1. Offer educational content: position yourself as an expert
One of the main ways to make your buyer person find you and reach your website is to offer valuable content for him, on topics that interest him. There are several options to put this idea into practice:


2. Exploit your events online: inbound your events
In the case of being able to carry them out, events, fairs, online sessions, webinars or training are a great opportunity to attract, nurture and advance your buyer persona towards the purchase of your software. Some of the actions you can take are, for example:Design an attractive email invitation to the event.
Create landing pages to download exclusive content for attendees.
Take care of post-event nutrition focused on the pain associated with it, to give your contacts more information on a specific topic.
Create a demo request template to offer, before, during and after the event.inboundization ideasInbound Marketing webinar offered by InboundCycle under form download3. Offer free trials and simulations: inbound your product demos
Most SaaS companies have a free demo of their software. A key point in terms of inboundization is to offer them under download. In this way, it is very easy for you to collect the data of the contact interested in the product and to be able to treat it at the sales level. It is important to have the offer available in those places that the buyer person can reach. One of them can be the blog where content is shared as experts on the subject, as we see in Legaltech the Lemontech blog .inboundization free trials4. Maximize the use of the database: think now about how to approach your inboundization
The point is to take advantage of the database that the company has to reactivate it. In your hand, a powerful tool: email marketing strategies. These should be oriented, not only in the commercial plane, but in offering free content of value that helps your contacts to advance in the purchase process. This is a necessary point to resolve your pain points. Taking into account that the key is in the personalization, some ways to achieve it are through:WebinarsFree simulations or demosEbooks or content guides
5. Adapt the website to the buyer persona: the inboundization of your product website
It is possible that your buyer person lands on your website looking for a specific product, but without being really prepared to make a request for commercial information, because it is not yet in the purchase process. These are users who are not as advanced on their journey, which does not mean deemed pr interesting ospectos SaaS for your company. Inboundization helps you extract its value, but you should keep in mind that:

It would be necessary to offer content of the type “Top of the funnel” ( in this post you will see the different types of content that you can offer depending on the position of the leads in the sales funnel).
It is necessary to use a form, focused on providing valuable and educational content about the possible pain points of the user.
Once the download is complete, the process continues. Your mission is to capture his record and nurture it afterwards or even guide him to a blog post that is more educational.
As you can see, there are many inbound actions that you can apply to your marketing strategy as a SaaS company . All of them separately can help increase your sales. Combined, the effect will be even better.

When you decide on inboundization, you will notice that, while your commercial results improve (with which you fulfill your main objective), your brand improves positioning and gains authority in the market . Can you tell us your experience?


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