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5 eCommerce trends for 2016 that you should know


5 eCommerce trends for 2016 that you should know

Changes in eCommerce and marketing are not usually drastic, but gradual. However, the last few months have served to see those who are altering the current landscape of electronic commerce in the world. The Elogia company has collected some of the main trends in this field by analyzing its current and future role. Regarding their performance in electronic commerce, Rubén Ferreiro, CEO of Elogia, declares: “eCommerce will continue to grow rapidly and evolve in 2016. These five trends summarize some of the fundamental keys that will allow this growth to be established. “Ferreiro adds that” some of them, such as the mCommerce boom, have already appeared strongly in 2015. Others, such as Omnichannel, will become the basic form to understand the relationship with the available cell phone numbers canada from now on. ” Fast delivery
In the last year, big names in eCommerce worldwide have opted to shorten their delivery times as a technique to attract the attention of consumers and be able to differentiate themselves from their competition. In the coming months, this preference is expected to be accentuated by such media brands as Amazon, leading this hyper-acceleration in shipping times . If the forecasts are fulfilled, Jeff Bezos’ company will continue to expand the list of destinations where it offers same-day deliveries and it is possible that 2016 will finally become the year in which we see its disturbing and long-awaited fleet of delivery drones cross the skies of large North American cities.



In any case, it is not only Amazon that will help to shorten delivery times in eCommerce. Many companies, such as the Spanish Glovo, are specializing in fast delivery services in urban environments, allowing customers to receive their purchases remotely in less than a day. Even large logistics operators, increasingly with products more adapted to the needs of e-commerce companies, have realized the importance of fast deliveries for their customers. The logistics revolution is already more than one of the trends in eCommerce and has become a race in which both large stores and logistics operators have a lot at stake. Betting Email List same shopping experience,  regardless of the channel you use. That is the Omnichannel, a giant step in the integration between online and offline. It is one of the trends in eCommerce that is integrated into a 360º customer-centric approach. It is the customer who decides through which channel he communicates and makes his purchase, being able to access the same services and the same attention by any of  them.Until now, the common thing in eCommerce was that physical stores opened online stores but the reverse movement is already taking place : large 100% online stores such as Amazon are opening physical stores, and others like Apple are promoting them, facilitating collection in their Apple Stores of the products that your customers buy in eCommerce. Closely related to this arises another of the derived eCommerce trends: the commitment to user experience (User Experience), with the aim of bringing online stores a more natural and intuitive way of buying. Personalization
Mass advertising will never lose its appeal for the implementation of online marketing strategies, but the truth is that, in recent months, extreme segmentation has been gaining more and more prominence, even to the point of personalization. . Big Data applications and the great capacity of online marketing operators (mainly Google and social networks) to collect and cross data making a robot portrait of each user are now a reality. To what extent this clashes with privacy protection laws is another story. But there is no doubt that any advertiser today has the tools to reach exactly who they want to reach, and to do so in a personalized way. In the field of eCommerce, remarketing (ads designed to track a user’s browsing history) is a clear example of this. Another trend in eCommerce and related marketing: we will probably see personalized advertising jump from online to offline with the development of smart Minority Report-style stores. mCommerce
Today, the race for mobile eCommerce is the main and most pronounced of the fashions. Companies from all over the world will definitely bet on the mobile environment in 2016. Although it is clear that there are things that are more comfortable to buy from a PC, more and more people use the smaller screens of tablets and smartphones to buy anywhere and at any time. In fact, Spain is already the third country in Europe in terms of eCommerce traffic from mobile devices and the forecast seems clearly bullish. In any case, mCommerce users in Spain still have very different purchasing habits from those in other neighboring countries. Thus, according to a recent study by eMarketer, while in countries such as the Netherlands the traffic to mCommerce comes mainly from tablets (59%), in the case of Spain this percentage is only 25% with a greater prominence from smartphones. local eCommerce
Many companies are realizing that eCommerce works locally, and it does it very well. In fact, many startups that are having relative success, such as Wallapop or Letgo, are betting on the second-hand sale and purchase model at the local level. And the same happens with the purchase of many other items in which the price advantages are not so clear or the proximity to the point of sale is an added value. Behind the wave of large corporations, small local businesses have a lot to say in terms of eCommerce trends.ACL DirectPromo · We know about Relationship Marketing
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