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5 Curiosities about Snapchat


5 Curiosities about Snapchat

Last Updated October 3rd, 2020 at 05:18 pm

1- Your name
The ghost is called Ghostface Chillah, and it is inspired by Ghostface Killah, a rapper from the group Wu-Tang Clan.

Ghostface killah

2- Purchase attempt by Facebook
During 2013, Facebook tried to buy Indonesia Phone Number List Snapchat for the sum of US $ 1,000 million, failing to make the purchase, it launched Slingshot, its own and very similar APP.


3- Discounts
58% of American university students say they would buy a product if the brand sends them the coupon through the APP.

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4- Demographic data
70% of the users of this platform Betting Email List are women.


5- Daily values
More than 700 million photos and videos are sent per day.

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