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5 cases of marketing success on Instagram


5 cases of marketing success on Instagram

For marketing on Instagram, there’s nothing like learning from successful cases. There are 6 and the strategies that follow … Ok! What will you do with this content? How does Instagram Chief VP Marketing Officer Email Lists work? Imágenes de 1a. National Geographic Case Impulse of influencers. British Airways case.Unexpected and changing Siempre. WeWork.Crowdsourcing case. Adidas Neo case.Product + diversion + hashtag. FrankBod caseAn extra… Video advertising. Bloom & Wild caseConclusionThe popularity of Instagram continues to increase – only for the user in general, but also for marketers -; however, in comparison with other social networks such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook, where brands can easily promote themselves through the post of links to their website, Instagram can in the tan sencillo opinion.Instagram doesn’t handle links… even in the text of the image in the hay. The only place to link to your website is the bio, and even when many merchants recommend you to vary this link according to the photo you are distributing at the moment, I don’t like it because someone looks at previous images that I read If you click on the link, it simply will not lead to the promised content… and that, my friend, is highly frustrating in the user experience.Marketing on Instagram is a new game for social network enthusiasts … How to create inspiration in the audience?That’s right, it is complicated to approve, but nevertheless, the numbers speak in favor of this network; According to Techcrunch, on April, 2017, there were 700 million users and engagement by the clouds in comparison with the “most traditional” networks such as Facebook and Twitter.Instagram users 2017A good way to generate these links is through the placement of ads on this network, but we are frank… we cannot be paying each time we want to upload an image, which will take us to the next question…How does Instagram marketing work?To give you an idea of ​​what you can do with Instagram and show how to create a brand more human and with better connections, we bring you 6 cases of studio brands that have the maximum on Instagram and get ROI for your business (5 organic and 1 paid).

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Imágenes de 1st. National Geographic Case
I’m following National Geographic on multiple social networks: Twitter, Facebook, etc. I am enchanted. It is not really a sole; they have different sizes for different niches: NatGeo, NatGeoTravel, NatGeo Wild, NatGeo Photography – and they all share great images, articles and videos of nature, animals and science.In Instagram, it’s not different. It’s not a surprise that National Geographic’s Instagram account (the best of them) is impressive.With over 77 million followers, the National Geographic’s top ranking is one of the most important Instagram brands – and it’s growing fast. Because? Because they have a differential advantage that inspires their followers: professional photographers who travel the world from pole to pole and share their photographs with the community around the world.Marketing en Instagram – NatGeo CaseImpulse of influencers. British Airways case.These are something that not only an airline does: Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Air France, Air New Zealand – whatever it is. All of them have a thing in common: A strategy to influence marketing on Instagram.British Airways partnered with Luanna and a single post from her pocket with her billet more than 50,000 likes. If you are casual but obviously taking care of it is bad.Mercadotecnia en Instagram – British Airways CaseIn an industry where all competitors offer the least productism (travel by plane), competence is fierce. Inspiring a large and committed audience on Instagram can make all the difference … and influencers can be a great help, even if you are looking for the niche.Unexpected and changing Siempre. WeWork case.The supplier of the WeWork workshop space is an example of a brand that offers something that for a lot of people might seem rather boring (workshop spaces) … however embargo to do a good job on your Instagram. Who thought that the workshop space could be so inspiring?The key is not simply to publish pictures of the workshop or the people who work (imagine how soporific it really would be, but to actively encourage people to spice it up with creative and changing ideas like #DogsOfWeWork… what could be… nuestros perros, ya que son pet friendly.

Instagram Betting Email List Success CasesCrowdsourcing. Adidas Neo case.Adidas invited some Instagram influencers, but people also participated in a contending Adidas Neo: Create posts inspired by Adidas. From these, Adidas eligibility to the best creators of contenido pto model in a professional photo session and broadcast with your Instagram audience.Adidas used one of the most popular celebrities in the target age group of Instagrams: Selena Gomez to help extend the contest.The contest made a lot of noise around the hashtag #MyNeoShoot. To have the opportunity to be selected as a model, Instagram users have posted images using the hashtag #MyNeoShoot.With the MyNeoShoot campaign, Adidas generated 71,000 mentions for this hashtag.Adidas Neo Instagram gain 41k new followers. Here is one of the posts.
successful brands on instagramProduct + diversion + hashtag. Frank Bod caseFrank Bod is an Australian brand for body care and skin. Their products are based on coffee – and they are in the center of their Instagram images.Invite your consumers to upload photos using their own hashtag to tag their messages: #frankeffect(Las leyendas e imágenes son geniales. Simply fun and inspiring.) ejemplo de marketing en instagram.An extra… Video advertising. Bloom & Wild caseHave you heard of Bloom & Wild? Yo not before reading about your marketing on Instagram. It’s a very young company that delivers flowers (if you live in the UK) and has grown your business using Instagram advertising.Its purpose was to attract a larger audience and broaden its business. His strategy was quite simple: using Instagram ads through the Facebook power editor, using his email list.Their videos have a tremendous conversion rate. The results in the sound suitcases absolutely did not mean that Bloom & Wild was a startup without a brand name established to empower. With the use of this tactic, Bloom & Wild increased their branch orders by 62%, and inspired many new customers to comment on their cuenta y acercarse su tienda ”.Conclusion
There are different ways to use Instagram marketing – for personal and business purposes. Examine and see what other hacks to get inspiration for your own activity … but no copies, crea.Instagram may not be the first red that it would use to obtain more traffic, but it has enormous potential to create inspirational marketing for your brand and build community. With small creative actions you can start your own story of marketing success on Instagram… Do you have one? Compártela We would love to talk to you! and if you want to know about us, you can get it every week by receiving it in your mail.

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