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5 brands creating content with engagement and reputation


5 brands creating content with engagement and reputation

Is it possible to create content with engagement and reputation, even in the middle of the pandemic? It is said that crises also bring opportunities… however when we start to think about how to do it with our brand, the issue becomes complicated.

How to achieve it? How to create content on social networks touching on topics of the pandemic, which sometimes even cause aversion? How to develop those posts and also have a high degree of engagement ?

This seems like an easier task for purposeful brands , however the reality is that anyone could achieve it by thinking strategically and asking the right questions:

Who are my audiences and / or stakeholders? What do they expect to hear from our brand? How can we contribute to solving the current situation? How can I take advantage of emotional factors to create content that connects?

Using the technology of social listening to Socialbakers , we find the exercise of brands that have been successful postings during these first two months of the year. The content should build reputation and also include one of two keywords in particular: Covid and vaccines .

We compile the result here. Take a look to witness how, even in the midst of the pandemic, companies can continue to build brand reputations .

5 brands creating content with engagement and reputation
Aeromexico made good use of the fact that it is the airline that is transporting the vaccines, and at the end of January it generated this content, warning of the arrival of the shipment with the compound that will serve to produce millions of vaccines.

The execution was brilliant given that Mexico has not received the expected Egypt Phone Number List of vaccines and this shipment felt like a breath of fresh air.

The content earned the brand more than 3,000 reactions, 164 comments, and 351 shares.

Santander Mexico
Santander México turned to video, appealing to emotional content, which always works in building reputation and engagement. He developed a post about a little girl who sold her hair to support her grandfather with Covid.

Video + emotional content … the result was immediate. The content on Facebook had 2,500 reactions, more than a hundred comments and 260 shares.

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El Dorado Resorts
The execution of El Dorado Resorts is majestic, for the fact that it combines reputation building with sales pitches.

The brand announced that for those international guests whose countries requested negative tests for COVID-19 upon their return, the resort would provide them before leaving the hotel and that if the test was positive, they would be given accommodation at no cost. during the 14 days of your quarantine.

The content on Instagram Betting Email List earned him more than 2,350 reactions and 92 comments.

Infra Group
Infra decided to talk about its donation of 150 thousand KN95 masks to the IMSS, a very necessary input when we have heard that some government hospitals are not providing adequate protective equipment.

The content on Facebook, a show of social responsibility , earned him more than 500 reactions, 17 comments and 159 shares.

Didi, the transport brand also decided to make a donation, however, instead of giving money, what it did was to develop a discount so that older adults who are getting vaccinated in these weeks, could attend their appointments with greater security.

Another sample of smart execution, reputation marketing with sales pitches.

The action earned him 478 reactions, more than 100 comments and 64 shares on Facebook.

These are five clear examples, five brands creating content with engagement and reputation; Brands that have not stopped in the face of the pandemic and that contrary to what many argue, they have worked to break through, building engagement with their audiences, building reputation and yes, even generating sales.

Do you think you can do it with yours?

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