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5 actions to improve your brand’s digital reputation


5 actions to improve your brand’s digital reputation

Improving digital reputation is essential to growing a business. A positive brand reputation builds loyalty and increases sales.What will you find in this content?
What is digital reputation or online reputation?
Improve digital reputation
5 actions to improve your brand’s digital reputation
Public relations
Search engine optimization (SEO)
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Website development
Social media
Before showing you the 5 actions to improve the digital reputation of your brand … let us tell you something: digital reputation does not exist. Yes, you read that right.

Reputation is only one. Reputation is the set of perceptions that your audience or interest groups have of your brand. That reputation has been built on your own experience, what others say about your brand and what your own brand has said about it. So there is no online reputation ? you will ask yourself…What is digital reputation or online reputation?What we understand as digital reputation is the perception of a company, brand, person, product or service in the digital ecosystem. It is shaped by search engine results, social networks, review sites and apps. But it is only the perception of your brand through digital content. If in the real world, your brand does not have a good reputation, online content does not matter … which in any way, it must be said, is usually a reflection of the offline world.Does this mean that we cannot influence it? Quite the opposite. If our reputation abroad is non-existent or neutral, starting online is an excellent starting point.

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improve brand reputation
Improve digital reputation
Brand reputation management is critical to growing a business. A positive brand reputation builds loyalty and increases customer trust, which drives sales and bottom line growth.In today’s cutthroat competitive environment, improving digital reputation has become a top priority for companies, especially when online conversations about their brand take place 24/7. In social networks, online forums, blogs, news sites, search engines and other Internet sources, it is important that your brand stands out and is positioned as a resource and a solution for any topic in your industry or sector and for Hence, for your clients. How to do it?Within all reputation
Betting Email List, there are several digital actions that can be taken; today we will see five quickly.

5 actions to improve your brand’s digital reputation
There are several initiatives that are essential to an effective digital reputation management strategy:Public relations A solid public relations program can position your brand as a thought leader and expert in your field, gaining spaces in the main online newspapers, niche publications, blogs and even social networks that generate leads. As a critical component for successful brand perception management, online public relations can improve digital reputation, manage negative sentiment (or move neutral sentiment towards positive), compile customer feedback, and increase the presence of good content. in the web. Did you know that, according to McKinsey, 2/3 of all the impacts that a consumer receives when looking for information about a brand, come from what they find on Google and social networks? Only 1/3 of the communication that impacts you comes from the brand directly!

why hire a digital PR agency
Hence the importance of improving digital reputation through content that public relations agencies can place on the web.It is not enough to send press releases, you have to do it with a dose of expertise in your brand, in media and digital. Here is a good guide to communicate to the media and get them to publish you .Search engine optimization (SEO)Long-lasting SEO strategies will put your brand at the top of Google’s results pages, where customers are looking for resources and solutions to timely problems. If you are not present where consumers are looking, they will stick with the brands (aka your competitors) that appear there. In a good brand reputation management, SEO will identify and take advantage of the keywords that your audience and interest groups use, in order to generate useful content that drives traffic to your website and even increases your sales.

To do this, a reputation marketing professional should advise you on what your central theme is and with that basis define different content pillars to generate strategic keywords for each one.This is a diagram (English), courtesy of Smart Insights, of how to build a good keyword strategy around a central theme.Keyword strategy to improve digital reputation Content marketingE-books, a brand blog, guest articles, useful reports for the industry are examples of the power of content marketing in managing brand reputation. The production of content in a wide variety of digital channels and based on a keyword strategy like the one already mentioned, creates awareness about your brand, improves digital reputation and shows the benefits of your products or services.

By positioning your company as an information source for the industry on the topics that interest your audience, you will gain reputation, visitors to your website and, logically, potential customers.You can generate a content site that serves only as a compendium of useful resources on a topic, like Hubspot does , focusing on digital marketing agencies … or you can do it like Microsoft , which mixes useful content with brand news (see the version for Latam ). Both ways are valid.Improve digital reputation
Does your brand have a content site or newsroom to earn places in Google searches? Don’t forget… content improves brand reputation .Website development A strong website with easy-to-navigate features and a pleasant user experience can enhance your brand’s digital reputation improvement efforts. Focusing on your audience and making it easier for them to find the information they need will improve brand loyalty and reduce site abandonment.

A well-designed site is essential to communicate your reputation .To design your site, always keep in mind the usability aspects suggested by Peter Morville.
User experience
Social media
Although social media is only a field of this century, it is an indispensable part of improving digital reputation. Social media is a great way to make your business accessible, personable, and customer-centric. In the hustle and bustle of normal business operations, it can be easy to lose sight of the importance of brand reputation management and put all resources into sales efforts. This is a serious mistake because of the impact that reputation has on corporate growth… if you don’t believe us, take a look at the concept of brands with purpose .The contents focused NOT on achieving commercial results, but on showing the purpose of your brand, can in the medium term, bring more clients; This is indicated by the 2020 consumer preferences study .Do you want proof? This coffee ad from Belgian #brand Douwe Egberts has 12 million views, telling a sweet story of LGBTQ inclusion . Take a look at how the product is only a secondary protagonist, not the star.If you want to keep up-to-date with articles like this one, which explain in detail the marketing and communication strategies to create brands that inspire , you can receive them at the door of your email … And if you need advice for your business , you need us to disseminate some content or you need training in online marketing , give us a shout out. We love hearing from you.

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