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4 ways to improve customer loyalty using Social Media


4 ways to improve customer loyalty using Social Media

Customer loyalty is more at risk than ever due to the social media boom. How to retain them? We tell you four ways.What will you find in this content?The digital effect … for better and for worse
4 ways to improve customer loyalty using social media
Listen to your customers
2.- Identify and consent to your most active ambassadors
3.- Create a rewards program
4.- Measure and analyze the answers
Do you use social media to build relationships with your customers? Are you looking for effective ways to strengthen those relationships?If your answer is yes, you are not alone.Many other companies are moving towards this approach, but why?It’s no wonder that new customers are a major source of income for businesses. But retaining and selling existing customers can also be a vital cause of growth, and when it comes to customer loyalty , social media is the best tool.In the past, companies used to spend huge amounts of money and time attracting new customers and invested less effort in retaining existing ones.That was until many studies showed that the cost of losing customers was dangerously high and that it was more profitable to invest in customer loyalty .Some of these studies, such as that of the Boston Consulting Group 2010, showed that 13% of dissatisfied clients speak badly of the company with which they had a bad experience, and to be exact they comment on it to 20 people, while satisfied clients only They tell 5 individuals how much fun they had.

Other data showed that it can cost up to 5 times more to win a new customer than to retain existing ones.
The digital effect … for better and for worseNow, let’s add the digital effect; It is logical to think that a person’s social network influences their buying behavior: if my friend likes Company X, he will probably tell me and at some point it will inspire me enough to become one of his customers.However, what works forwards can also work backwards. If people cease to be customers of Company X, do their friends cease to be customers?The answer is yes, a recent study by the Chief VP Sales Marketing Officers Email Lists Science Institute found that the vast majority of customers who dropped out (and through social networks) managed to stop their friends from being customers of the same company.That is why with these reasons and some more, today’s companies are already turning to see customer retention and loyalty as a priority objective.Here we tell you 4 ways to improve it using Social Media, pay close attention.

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4 ways to improve customer loyalty using social mediaListen to your customersimprove customer loyalty with social mediaMany companies understand social networks as a means of speaking, which is a misinterpreted approach since they serve to do completely the opposite, social networks are there to listen, and it is something that in Marketing is called social listening.In addition to monitoring brand sentiment, social listening can play an important role in customer retention. Specifically, it is used to discover:Where do your customers congregate on social media?Which of your products or services are they talking about?Are there compliments that you should encourage or complaints that you should take care of?What kind of content do they usually share? Do they post a lot of photos? Do they use specific hashtags?Let’s look at the example of Adidas, a few weeks ago he tweeted the introduction of new sneakers in collaboration with a very famous boutique called Titolo, one of his followers tagged a friend asking him what he thought about them and Adidas, joined the conversation:retain customers; adidas caseMake sure that your company or brand is easy to find on the networks, do not restrict your activities to a single network, being present at least in the 2 most used by your audience is ideal.Do you need hands to cover all the feedback?Don’t worry, for that there are tools like Sprout Social that offers an interface added to the inbox to facilitate interaction with people no matter what channel they are using to send messages.Or Zendesk, which is a software specialized in customer service and which is a little more advanced, but it allows you to keep a more detailed control since it has support tickets to follow up on complaints and doubts.You can integrate it with Facebook and Twitter and it is ideal for technological products and services or online sales.

2.- Identify and consent to your most active ambassadorsretain clients – pamper your ambassadorsDefine what an ambassador of your brand looks like, is it someone who:Do you send traffic to your website or e-commerce?Do you write positive reviews about your product or service?
Do you like your face page, follow your instagram or twitter accounts or are you signed up for your newsletter?In any case, it is all of the above, but still, it is very important that you identify what it means for you to bean ambassador of your brand, in this way you will have a better understanding of what motivates your clients to share everything related to her.Once you’ve done that, the next step is to identify potential ambassadors, keep up with them, and encourage their participation to the point where they become actual ambassadors.For that you can use social listening tools such as Lithium, which is a very complete platform that allows you to customize the responses based on the information of the users and catalog them with labels for a better organization, its price is quite high so it is more focused on medium and large companies.Now, Hootsuite has a free version which, although not as complete as Lithium, allows you to follow the conversations of your audience and interact with it in a very simple way.

3.- Create a rewards program
earn loyalty with rewardsA strategy for building customer loyalty that works very well is to make your most loyal customers self-identify as such in exchange for a reward that, in their eyes, is of great value.
For example, you can offer inclusion to an exclusive group where members are rewarded according to their constant use of the product or participation in social networks.However to keep them active, it is important to work a consistent cadence. You must ensure that the value you provide them will always be perceived as a fair exchange in exchange for their continued loyalty.These are some actions that work very well in broad strokes and that you can try by focusing on your business.Exclusive access to unique content. Create groups on Facebook where the members (ambassadors) are the only ones who have access to exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes videos, pedagogical resources and definitive guides or even the results of a study. You can also invite them to a special event that they organize, either in person or digitally.Points for interaction in social networks. Once the ambassadors are part of your reward program, have them earn points through their interaction on social networks.As far as possible, personalize your offers and give them the opportunity to find out about your next promotion, this in order to give you feedback and incorporate new ideas.Suppose you have a clothing store and you think about getting discounts for the Christmas season, before giving the green light to the campaign, show it to your ambassadors, they will feel special and at the same time lucky to have the opportunity to be heard.

4.- Measure and analyze the answers
measure customer loyaltyAn excellent way to track the loyalty of your customers is through a satisfaction survey , you can use online surveys to distribute it.This will give you the necessary analysis to make decisions about how good after-sales service you are offering, what loyalty program is working for you, or if it is your product that needs to be improved.With the NPS you can analyze customer loyalty , and detect who are the detractors of your brand and who will continue to be ambassadors.As your audience shares more of your content on their social networks, a virtual loyalty snowball effect will be created, increasing the number of people interested in your business.Social networks can (and should) play a crucial role in maintaining customer loyalty, the relationship with him and above all in making it last.Have you tried any of these tactics to connect with your customers? Which of them has worked for you? Share your opinions with us.Andres MuguiraWritten by Andrés MuguiraDirector of QuestionPro Latin AmericaCreative, entrepreneurial and with an incredible mix of energy, resourcefulness and over 10 years of experience in sales, Betting Email List and business strategies. Andrés currently leads the initiatives of the global company QuestionPro, to make it the leading Software platform for generating Insights in all of Latin America.

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