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4 trends that will mark mobile marketing in 2016


4 trends that will mark mobile marketing in 2016

Mobile devices have become an essential part of consumers’ lives. More and more users have more and more terminals and are therefore more and more connected. The relationship between brands and buyers is increasingly intense and more than 24 hours thanks to the presence of these terminals. The forecasts also indicate that the market is still far from reaching the limit. Although it may seem that everyone already has a smartphone and that there is little room for maneuver to grow, expert estimates suggest that in the immediate future the percentage of users who will have a mobile device will be even higher and, above all , that more and more will be those who have a danish mobile phone numbers terminal connected to the network. Therefore, knowing what to do with mobile seems crucial that brands should not lose sight of. The mobile will be an increasingly important part of the marketing strategy of the brands and, in line with all the things that have been said in recent times, four seem the key trends that we will not have to lose sight of. Cross-device is no longer an option


Over the past few months, many analysts have launched alert after alert to marketers that the world was getting more and more complex and that consumers were jumping more and more from one device to another. In 2016, the recommendations cannot simply remain advice, but have to be made: you cannot continue without having a solid strategy in which all devices are in the same orbit. Mobile cannot be seen as an exception to the rule, as something that only works on its own ground. The mobile phone is part of consumer habits and it is also a very important part. Brands have to be able to position themselves in the mobile market, but they also have to do so in relation to what will happen in other areas. You cannot continue to create watertight compartments. You have to make a generalized strategy. Betting Email List have to learn not to disturb One of the issues that marked Internet advertisements and decided their fate was the fact that brands and the media decided to exploit the fact that consumers could not escape from advertisements to put message after advertising message and make so these became unavoidable. Advertising became particularly annoying, which also became even more annoying as Internet users were more and more able to escape the ads. Brands have to be able to understand their consumers and their interests and they have to prevent that mistake they made on the desktop from being repeated on mobile devices. Ads have to be able to not disturb their recipients. In fact, on the desktop, all these annoying ads have ended up promoting the use of tools to block them. Adblockers came to the market to end that reality and have seen their popularity increase dramatically. Taking into account that mobile phones began to give entry to these tools in 2015, brands will have to wake up if they do not want history to repeat itself. Video is a crucial element The video has been gaining weight year after year and has been one of the great protagonists of 2015. It is not necessary to do many and very thoughtful analysis to understand that it will also be so in 2016. On the one hand, there are the behavior guidelines of the users , that more and more videos on your mobile devices. On the other hand, there is the growing interest from brands, who not only produce their own video content, but are also investing more and more in positioning themselves in the video content of others. Investment in video ads has not stopped growing in recent months and everything indicates that it will do so even more in the coming year. Applications will have a new star moment Apps had their hot moment a few years ago, when everyone seemed to be obsessed with them and spending huge amounts of money creating their own apps and their own services associated with them. Applications were fashionable and every brand wanted to have one. What happened next was quite to be expected. Brands started creating apps a bit because, yes, users were disappointed with them and applications became a forgotten element in the marketing strategy. However, in 2016, your luck could change. First of all, consumers never stopped using mobile apps. What they stopped using were the mobile applications of the companies. The fault was, by the way, of the brands themselves, who did not create really valuable experiences and who simply made apps to get out of the way. Second, SEO experts point out that in 2016 Google will start to make things much easier for apps, allowing new functionalities that will affect searches, which will make brands take apps more seriously. .


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