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4 keys to position your online store in Google


4 keys to position your online store in Google

E-commerce is a trillion euro industry growing in double digits every year.People are more and more used to buying online, so positioning your online store in Google for the correct keywords is synonymous with having a very profitable business. This means that your online store must be optimized for Google . But do you know how to do it?list_altIndex of contents
Basic SEOHome page optimization
Category optimization
The blog as a tool to attract qualified audiences to your online store
The problem is that Google is constantly changing its SEO rules for online stores, and even the most seasoned marketers find it difficult to keep up with these mobile canada number .In addition, you must also take the consumer into account. Today you are a smarter consumer, better informed and looking for opportunities to get the best products at reasonable prices.From my own experience, I recommend that you work on the following four aspects of the positioning of your online store separately:Basic SEO
Home page optimization
Category optimization
The blog as a tool to attract qualified public
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Basic SEO
It is very important to make sure you comply with the basic aspects of SEO that Google demands, such as the speed of the web or the absence of errors of any kind to position the online store. Does your page fulfill them?



Taking into account the following points, you can now work on the content of your store:Each page should load in less than 3 seconds. Although the ideal would be 2 seconds, you will be able to position any keyword if your store takes less than 3 seconds to load. This requires good hosting and optimizing some values ​​such as the use of cache memory. The ideal is to hire an expert who reviews all the technical Betting Email List well and advises you on hosting.
Eliminate errors. There can’t be any 500 or 404 errors, or any other code that Google knows about. There are tools like Ahrefs Site Audit or Sistrix that scan the web for errors.
Have a sitemap and upload it to Google Search Console. This part is vital so that Google spiders can efficiently crawl the entire store.
Home page optimization
You should use the home page of your online store to position your main article. For example, if you sell tools, your goal will be that if someone types in Google “buy mattresses” your store will appear in the first position.In this specific case, the first website that appears positioning with the home, above large companies such as Pikolin, Carrefour or El Corte Inglés, is colchones.es.position online store in google homeHow can you appear above competitors with much more authority than you? The trick is in the text .If you enter mattresses.es you will see that it is the mattress store that contains the most text on the home page, even at the bottom it has a good paragraph full of keywords with links to the categories. If we add this to the main keyword appearing in the URL, we already have the best and cheapest way to position a main page of an online store in Google.position online store google home textFirst impressions are what count. The home page of an online store is often the first contact your customers will have with your products. Remember it!If your home page is not attractive, your conversions could be negatively affected , so it is best to put that dense text at the end of everything. The main purpose of the home page of your online store will be to get conversions, so it should be attractive. Although, if no one gets to her, what does it matter how pretty she can be?New call-to-actionOn the other hand, too much text and too many images clutter a home page and can confuse the customer , so it is convenient to put the text at the end. Although you should only place the text if you want customers to enter automatically and constantly from Google.

I also recommend limiting the number of calls to action . Giving customers too many options will only confuse and distract them. In addition, you must decide what you want your customers to do, therefore this call to action should be prominent and be located at the top or somewhere in the center of the page, surrounded by some white space. Do you take it into account?Category optimization
The categories are very important to position an online store, since when they are correctly optimized, high rankings are obtained in the keywords, which potentially generate sales.The best practices of SEO in online store indicate that the pages of an online store that attract the most traffic are the categories. In the example we saw before “buying mattresses”, the first search result is a category, and, as we will see, it also uses the “trick” of adding text to the bottom of the page.position online store google categoriesRemember that on many occasions you will be competing with larger stores, which tend to occupy the first places in search engines. With this added text you will ensure that you do not need so much authority to position the online store in Google.Although you are not only going to position with this text, but you must take into account other factors. The most important ones I show you below. Do not miss them!Optimize your category URLs
The URLs should describe exactly what the product is about, without extra characters or unnecessary information.For example, if your store has a category of men’s shoes, its URL should be: https // example.com / men’s-shoes.Also, your URLs should be clean and short. Think that the user, just by seeing the URL, has to know what the product is about. Make it easy for them!Optimize your category titles
Your category title is a great opportunity for you to give strong signals to Google about your store and its content.When writing your headlines, keep in mind that you will need to do keyword research to see how people search for the type of products you are selling. Worth it!On the other hand, the titles should start with the keyword and continue with the name of your brand , in addition to naming specific characteristics of the products in the category.For example, if you have a category page with green sneakers, make sure this is reflected in the title!Use the meta description
The description of a category plays an important role in obtaining a higher percentage of clicks. Therefore, what you type in the meta description field can be shown in the search results.Provide a quality and unique description of each category , because that will encourage customers to click on it.In your category descriptions, try to summarize your products and offers. If you offer free shipping or free returns, you may want to report it in the description to encourage users to click on your entry.Get your ticket for Inbound Leaders 2019!
Label category H1
Each category should have only one H1 tag and it should be at the top of the page.It can be the same as the page title or dLikewise, under the H1 tag you can also add some lines of content to give users and search engine crawlers information about what the page is about.As you have seen before, as on the home page, if you want to outperform big competitors, the best way to rank is by including a text of about 500-800 words under the category articles. For example, if you write “shaving soaps”, Gifts & Care appears in the first position, before Amazon or other big competitors. If you look after the articles, the following text appears:position online store google h1 categories

Add conversion optimization elements
Don’t forget that a category page is also a landing page, and it can be the first page users will visit from Google, Facebook, or AdWords. Seize it!This means that it must also include all those elements that are necessary to convince, encourage and keep users in your store so that they can finally convert to a customer.To do this, remember to add elements such as:Your logo and contact information.
Your offers or promotions.
Call to action buttons.
Links to the shopping cart and account login.
Menu options.
Include visual components and other elements that will improve the usability of your page.
Include and optimize images
In addition to displaying the correct content and a properly optimized category, you should also include images and other elements to help users find hat they want in the fewest possible clicks.Images are important and necessary for any online store. If you are selling physical products, images are the means for potential customers to know about your products. Invest in them!

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