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4 Google tools for your Digital Marketing strategy


4 Google tools for your Digital Marketing strategy

Check out the main Google tools available for free. Are you taking advantage of them? The good news? 71% of companies plan to increase their Digital VP Engineering Email Lists budget this year, according to Webbquity. The bad? More than 60% of companies say they are not prepared! Because you have to prepare to face the future, it begins by knowing which are the best Google tools to survive in the world of Digital Marketing :

Google’s commitment to training specialists in Analytics and its tools . The platform offers free quality courses, with topics ranging from the basics such as “Digital Analytics Fundamental” to more specific topics such as the “Mobile App Analytics” course. With this tool you can train in the area before starting to measure or update your knowledge if you are already familiar with Analytics.

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The Keyword Planner Google was presented as a “workshop” for creating Adwords campaigns . You can search for keywords , statistics and see the possible performance of certain terms. The tool is useful whether you are going to create your first Adwords campaign or if you are an expert in the area. THINK WITH GOOGLE
Here you will find insights, market perspectives, success stories, manuals and above all, lots of inspiration! Using this tool will be useful to benchmark the market , find out what and how is it being done? GOOGLE TRENDS With this tool you can explore the most popular searches on Google , discover new trends , segment interests by country and even know in which months keywords related to your business are searched the most. Using it will help you develop your SEO strategy . There are many tools on the net, but without a doubt, knowing those of Google will have the best benefits to create an effective Digital Betting Email List strategy . And the best? You only need a Gmail account to get started!

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