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4 conversions to measure success in mobile campaigns


4 conversions to measure success in mobile campaigns

Learn how to measure a shopping experience that doesn’t stick to one device.
Surely you are not reading this article from the first screen you have used today. Think about the different devices – such as mobiles, computers, tablets – that you have used in the last two days, probably what has most captivated your eyes is your Smartphone .Measurement of success in mobile campaigns

In this current scenario, where according to Google data 90% of all interactions are multiscreen , it is a serious mistake to attribute the success of your mobile campaigns only to the conversions on your mobile website.

Although most activities begin on cell phones, many purchases are made elsewhere.

To measure the ROI of your mobile Canadian CEO Email Lists actions, you should not only take into account the conversions in the sites adapted to these devices, but also the conversions that, although they started on a mobile phone, ended up being made in physical stores, through a phone or on a computer.

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Call conversions
You can track Adwords phone call conversions with Google call forwarding numbers in your call-only ads and call extensions . In addition, the use of these will allow you to obtain very complete reports, with information such as the duration of the call, the start and end time or the prefix of the user who has called.

Store conversions
You can measure visits to the store in your digital campaigns with clicks to the location extension . In addition, try to incorporate some type of unique coupon to use in store and geo-targeting ads to control the increase in sales.

Online conversions
With the Google Analytics tool you can measure the performance of the website and with Betting Email List  Adwords the conversions. Link your Analytics account with Adwords to find out the conversion path through multichannel funnels.

Cross-device conversionsCross-device conversions in mobile campaigns
Use Adwords Conversion Tracking to track online and cross-device conversions.

You can use the “Total Estimated Conversions” column, including conversions from multiple devices, as a guide for setting your mobile bid adjustment.



By taking these conversions into account when measuring mobile advertising ROI, you can better defend their effectiveness.

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