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35 facts to do Video Marketing on Social Networks


35 facts to do Video Marketing on Social Networks

What you should know about Video Vietnam Phone Number List in Social Networks
What will you find in this content?
Tips for doing video marketing on social networks
What should you take into account of each social network
What Videos can you do?
The advantages of using an editor for video marketing on social networks
After all this…
What you should know about Video Marketing in Social NetworksWe are used to trends being temporary, however we can agree that there is no end to the trend of video on social media. Doing video marketing on social networks and being aware of the latest trends is something that every brand should have on its daily checklist.Most network users have already shared a branded video at least once.

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do With Facebook Live Videos – 2
Social networks are the perfect medium to find your ideal audience without much problem and reach them. It is clear that making good content for your networks is a good investment and has many benefits . This is why today all platforms have adapted so that you can connect with your audiences, either with brand videos or even with advertising in this format.Tips for doing video marketing on social networks
First of all, it is very important to know your audience to be sure that you speak their language. Don’t just answer yes … Have you already made a Buyer Persona ?What follows is gathering ideas and planning your content. Ask yourself what message do I want to send? What is the goal of my video? And most importantly, what does my audience want to see that no one else is showing them? This is the basis for content video marketing .social media marketing videosTips for doing video marketing on social media Tells a story! The stories awaken emotions, they connect with the public.

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You have 8 seconds to capture the attention of your audience since people’s attention is very short, some say even shorter than that of a fish , so make them count. Your introduction is the key.Quality has everything to do with it, make quality content before quantity.It is always best to keep it concise, short, and without fillers.Make videos accessible to everyone, even those who do not hear or see, use subtitles.
Choose the correct platform, according to your audience.Take care of your SEO, especially on YouTube, which offers you the possibility of positioning your video (ranking) the same as in Google.What should you take into account of each social network Instagram

1 Billion active usersEither in your feed or in stories, you can use video
Instagram video gives you 60 secondsInstagram stories gives you 15 seconds but has many options such as “Ask me a question”, live videos or a survey. Consider that your videos must be in vertical format
Instagram launched its IGTV (Instagram TV) platform , which allows you to upload videos of up to an hour.
Use keywords in your hashtags You can also make videos for your Instagram Ads
Create brand lift with Instagram stories Twitter Twitter is the quintessential news channel, so there is a lot of interaction. If what you are looking for is to be considered a highly active and up-to-date brand, this is the right place.The format of the videos on Twitter must be horizontal and can be up to 140 seconds long.how to do video Betting Email List on social media – TwitterFacebook Facebook Videos has around 1.5 billion daily active users .The ratio for creating videos on Facebook is 9:16 to 16: 9
We recommend uploading the highest possible resolution within the allowed size.
Video size 4GB maximum.Duration of minimum 1 second, maximum 240 minutes.
Sound is optional but we recommend it.Texts of up to 125 characters.

The graphics of your videos that consist of more than 20% of text, can be penalized.
The dimension of the video must be a minimum of 120 pixels wide and 120 pixels high.
Brands that do video well on Facebook You tube It is the king of video marketing, being the second most powerful search engine after Google.On YouTube there are thousands of tutorial videos on how to do anything, seriously, whatever! So it is a perfect opportunity to upload all your brand tutorials … and the more specialized, the better.If your videos are sufficiently differentiated, there is always the possibility of being an influencer How to be a videoblogger SnapchatWith a somewhat more select group of 255 million users, it has the age of 24 hour stories since they were the pioneers.Perfect for personal videos, with a lot of humor and with a vertical format.TikTokIt allows you to create, edit and upload 15-second musical videos, being able to apply various effects and add a musical backgroundIncludes eye-catching special effects, filters, and augmented reality featuresWhat Videos can you do?Doing video marketing on social networks has many options, starting with your products or services, which makes your audience feel more confident in the brand, and incline them to make a purchase decision in your favor.

To encourage your audience, your social media video marketing content portfolio can include:
Corporate videos. They are your best cover letter, show the values ​​of your brand.
Tutorial Videos . Show your audience how to use your products and answer their questions.
Customer service videos . They are an extraordinary way to generate a differential advantage over the competition.Promotional Videos . There is no more attractive way to show your products, sales, promotions and more.Testimonial Videos . What do your clients say about you? Take advantage of these videos to show your more satisfied customers.Video Vlogs . Instead of making a video you can make a series of videos in sequence.Video Streaming . Broadcast events, share experiences, show your newest product or catalog.The advantages of using an editor for video marketing on social networks
It is extremely fast.You don’t need any special work equipment, not even software, just your computer.
You don’t need special knowledge; there are video editors that guide you step by step, slide by slide.
It is not expensive, with an annual subscription you can make all the videos you need for the same price.
Watch the following video to see step by step how to make a video using a good video editor; in this case, Placeit .

After all this…
Doing video marketing on social networks allows you to reach two generations especially: millennials and gen z with only one medium, it is “like killing two birds with one stone”.
Contribute to generate more traffic to your website. It makes your brand gain more confidence, and as a consequence it helps you generate more conversions.
Finally, remember … in your video marketing in social networks always encourage the interaction of your users with your brand. Are you ready?

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