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3 out of 4 consumers will use mobile devices to compare or buy products at Christmas


3 out of 4 consumers will use mobile devices to compare or buy products at Christmas

The smartphone is gaining more and more prominence in the purchase process, especially when researching and searching for information about the product, but also for the final purchase of the product. And the Christmas campaign is not alien to this reality. Thus, during this Christmas you will buy online more than ever, and the mobile will also be used in an unimaginable proportion until now. Revealed by a new reportof Rhythm One, where it is indicated that 71.5% of this year’s Christmas shoppers will use mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) to investigate or make some of their purchases. This represents a very high increase compared to last year, when only 53.4% ​​of consumers planned to use these devices. The most curious thing is that among millennials (18-34 years old), 3 out of 5 affirm that they will only use their mobile phone for their online purchases during these dates, although if we analyze the average for all ages, the how to get a phone number in france changes: 61’6 % of consumers will bet on multi-device purchases, using both the computer, the mobile phone and the tablet for their shopping. The activities that will most frequently be carried out from the mobile will be the comparison of prices between different retailers (39.6%), the purchase itself (38.5%), the search for offers or coupons (30.8%), the reading product reviews (28%), researching products before buying them online (27’5%) and offline (27’3%) or searching for the location of a store (24’8%).


On the other hand, 4 out of 10 buyers say that they will use their mobile phones more than last year for some (or more) of these actions. Nor should we forget the use of mobile phones in the physical stores themselves, an increasingly common custom: half of consumers use their mobile phones within establishments to investigate their purchase decisions, and the percentage rises to 62% among consumers. buyers between the ages of 35 and 54. It is usually done to compare prices before buying a product, to take advantage of discount Betting Email List or to look for the characteristics of similar products from other brands. More and more are being bought online Online purchases will also definitely emerge, since this year the vast majority of buyers (84.7%) plan to make an online purchase, and 25.4% expect to increase their number of digital purchases compared to last year. On the other hand, a quarter of consumers who did not make an online purchase in 2014, plan to do so during this year. This growth has undoubtedly been influenced by the incorporation of baby boomers into this type of purchase: 30% of buyers over 55 years of age plan to increase their number of online purchases this Christmas. And what are the reasons that make buyers opt for online shopping? Basically, comfort: avoiding queues is a reason cited by 58% of those surveyed and being able to buy at any time, by 55.9%. Other repeated advantages are free shipping costs (44%), time savings (40.4%) or the availability of specific products (31.3%). Another very interesting fact is that 32.2% of online consumers end up making a self-gift while buying gifts on the Internet for their loved ones.

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