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3 Big Trends That Will Drive Virtual Reality Among Brands In 2016


3 Big Trends That Will Drive Virtual Reality Among Brands In 2016

Virtual reality is one of those elements that seem to be taken from a science fiction movie and that brands welcome with certain reservations, at least until it is clear that something can be done with it or that something really interesting is coming from there. At the end of the day, there is still a lot to do (or that is the impression it gives from the outside) and there are still many tools to be presented for virtual reality to become mainstream. However, virtual reality might be more around the corner than we think. In the latest Gartner hypecicle, virtual reality left the list of things that are awakening expectations that are often inflated (that section that almost seems that of the ‘dreamers’) to enter the list of tangible things that are going to achieve results in the immediate future. Gartner isn’t the only analytics firm to see it, and virtual reality has become a fixture in forecasting things to watch out for over the next year. Analysts have also included virtual reality in a generalized way in the forecasts of what will mobile canada number in 2016, since the expected large launches of some of the big players in this market will cause the virtual reality field to move a lot of attention and generate enough products and news so that 2016 can be your great year. In fact, in a recent analysis by Mintel, it is pointed out that the explosion of virtual reality will not only be in 2016 but will not have to wait long to see it. According to their estimates, the great explosion of virtual reality will take place during the first quarter of 2016 (that is, between January and March), when brands present an avalanche of novelties in this field and when for this reason a high interest is generated in the matter.


In recent months, virtual reality has focused analysis and forecasting. Many are the analysts who are convinced that in the future it will be a determining element for companies both when creating products and when using it to communicate messages. Virtual reality will be a very effective tool when it comes to marketing and one that, in addition, has gone from being simply a matter that created promises with great potential to entering the realm of reality. The interest that has been reaping throughout 2015 will now become something feasible and tangible. And to this are added the economic forecasts that indicte that virtual reality will grow, and a lot, in the immediate future. This is demonstrated by a TrendForce study on the virtual reality market. According to its forecasts, virtual reality will reach a worldwide turnover of 6.7 billion dollars. This figure is quite significant, but it is also a key to understanding what can – and should – be expected from the virtual reality market in the immediate future. 2016 will be the year of the starting gun and in the next five years the market will experience a great boom in this field. In fact, the forecasts for 2020 are for the virtual reality market to move 70,000 million dollars, which shows the accelerated rate at which it will grow in the near future and how much it will matter in the next five years. Virtual reality will be one of the great opportunities during the next five years. What is going to make VR grow and get more and more attention from brands? The secret of their future success will be, they point out from the study, on social networks. Social networks will be the ones that make consumers more and more interested in these services and these contents. On the one hand, social networks will be those that create a mass of users for this content and those that will ensure that virtual reality has consumers waiting on the other side. On the other hand, social networks will have a knock-on effect that will make some consumers pull for others.For this  reason, virtual reality technologies will be closely linked to the social and will notably encourage the sharing of content and information. We must also not forget that one of the great players in the world of virtual reality is Facebook, with its Oculus Rift, which is expected to present news in 2016. To the field of social networks and the forecasts of analysts about its impact as a lever for change and dynamization of virtual reality, we should add the field of gaming and gamification. On the one hand, video game creators will have a powerful ally in virtual reality to create higher and more interesting experiences and to better connect with consumers. Your games will have more punch and will be much more attractive. On the other hand, and closely related, using these tools at a gamification level, that is, the uses of the game by brands to reach consumers with their messages, creates a much more desirable experience that generates much more engagement among the consumers. At the end of the day, the experiences of the brands in virtual reality that have been created until now were going in that direction. Brands have been playing with these elements to create compelling messages and to get the attention of consumers. They are also especially receptive in this field and the game has been one of the areas in which they have been most interested. You just have to take a look at the network to see how the end consumers of virtual reality are guiding their interests in this field as far as this technology is concerned. Ultimately, virtual reality will be driven by social media and the gaming world and will benefit from technical advances. And so it is possible to take up again, with more arguments in hand, the forecast that in 2016 the great explosion of virtual reality will take place. But how will this explosion affect things and the reality in which brands operate? In the Mintel analysis they establish three large areas that will be touched and that will experience a great change thanks to virtual reality.

A new way of accessing information and content
Perhaps this is a great opportunity for television, which is seeing its viewers flee to the internet. Virtual reality will significantly modify how content is accessed, as indicated in the first point of the Mintel analysis. According to his estimates, virtual reality can eliminate the problems that consumers have when accessing great shows, such as concerts or festivals, at a stroke, without getting rid of its great benefits. Thus, large crowds or high rates disappear while the experience is still there, now accessible from the living room of the house.It is not completely science fiction and it is not that difficult for it to reach consumers in 2016: the BBC is already using these tools to create immersive experiences. He did a pilot with the popular show Strictly Come Dancing , the equivalent of Look Who Dances .Testing the products before you buy them will enter a new dimension
Not only content will benefit from virtual reality but also brands and their products, in one of the applications that companies saw first and with the best eyes. Betting Email List will be able to test the products in a completely immersive and realistic way no matter how difficult it is to access that product (the example they give is that of a car dealership, which does not have the real capacity to have all the cars that it could. sell) or the type of seller who distributes it (it does not matter if it is sold through electronic commerce, virtual reality allows you to create a tangible experience to know the product). Virtual reality will also allow it to be done anywhere and will reinforce trust in the brand and the product.Reinvent existing products and services
Virtual reality will also be used in a notable way to reconvert products and services, giving them a new look and making them regain their appeal. Virtual reality, they point out from Mintel, will give you new angles and allow new creative possibilities, which will make those products that seemed exhausted or that seemed that they had reached their limit or their top have a new existence. One of the areas in which they foresee changes is in music: music videos will be able to change powerfully thanks to virtual reality and do it in a way that becomes a new source of income for that industry.IMF Business School · Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication
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