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20 HubSpot Features You May Not Know About


20 HubSpot Features You May Not Know About

If you use HubSpot, you will know that it is a very powerful tool; It has many functionalities (some so unique that they cannot be found in any other software!), and also –very important–, it is always making improvements, changes and novelties to make our inbound strategy more agile and Chile Phone Number List .As I have been using HubSpot, I have discovered features that I was completely unaware of. On some occasions, because they are new functionalities that they had just implemented; and in others, because although they had always been there, I had never noticed. Sometimes, the accesses are quite hidden in a small link in the menu of some page.That is why today I wanted to share with you those functionalities that one day I discovered by chance and that today are useful to me in my day-to-day design and analysis of inbound marketing campaigns.I have included those that, from what I have seen in my environment, are either little known or are not exploited enough to take advantage of all their possibilities and potential. And why 20? This is simply the number of functionalities that I have come up with.

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Keep in mind that the new features are not implemented simultaneously in all accounts, so it is possible that some of them still do not appear … but be patient, it will come soon.Until now, this subdomain could not be assigned to the page until it was connected. Now this has changed and you can generate the subdomain in HubSpot and mark it as “Set as ready for publishing”. In this way, when you edit a page, you can choose this subdomain for its URL and save the page even if the subdomain is not yet connected (but of course, the page will not be public until the subdomain is connected).Why does this benefit you? Because, in many cases, thse in charge of connecting the subdomain are another agency, Betting Email List or department. In this way you will not have to wait for them to do this, but you can edit your landing and leave it ready without having to depend on anyone.hubspot functionalities2. Add comments to emails and forms
Did you know that now in HubSpot you can write comments in any email or form, tagging other users ? Thus, if you work as a team, you can communicate directly from the HubSpot element in question.I imagine that in the future there will also be this functionality for pages, articles and other elements of HubSpot.

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