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13 ideas to optimize your lead nurturing and generate more qualified leads for sales


13 ideas to optimize your lead nurturing and generate more qualified leads for sales

Maybe you’ve never heard of lead nurturing, but surely you know that, both in marketing and sales, we are obsessed with having more leads . In the case of marketing, especially in increasing recruitment, and in sales, receiving quality leads.list_altIndex of contents
What is lead nurturing?
Why optimize lead nurturing?
Steps to follow to optimize lead nurturing
Ideas to optimize lead nurturing
Lead nurturing: a very profitable process
The reality is that, no Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers how many leads are captured, it is not enough. You have to make sure that they are leads that fit in with your buyer persona, that they are committed to the company (does the expression “engagement” sound familiar to you ?) And that they have a buying interest.But how to get them to move forward through this funnel? The answer is in lead nurturing.What is lead nurturing?
The Lead Nurturing is a technical marketing automation that has as main objective to go nurturing leads that are captured , to educate them and ripen. It is applied throughout the purchase process and allows you to accompany them until their contact with the commercial department.

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Basically, what lead nurturing seeks is to increase the volume of qualified leads that marketing passes to sales. You will understand it better with this video about lead nurturing :Lead scoring: your ally in the lead nurturing strategy
When implementing a good lead nurturing strategy, it is essential to have another key element, a lead scoring system.Lead scoring has the objective of qualifying the leads in the database based on their proximity to your ideal Betting Email List , their interaction with your company and the point of the purchase process where they are.Once the lead scoring has been applied, you obtain the leads already classified to be able to apply effective and personalized lead nurturing chains to them . These will be launched when a contact meets the established criteria.Thus, thanks to a lead scoring process that allows you to dynamically and precisely order the database, you can develop an effective lead nurturing strategy. Watching this video it will be clear to you what I mean:And you will ask yourself: why do I tell you these two concepts if we are talking about actions to improve the results of our lead nurturing? Basically because, to optimize the results of lead nurturing, you also need to review the lead scoring. But we will see this later.Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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Why optimize lead nurturing?
As you know, optimization refers to the fact of improving the way you focus or perform an action or activity, with the aim that your tasks are executed as efficiently as possible.This act of optimizing in marketing is something that should be done constantly. It’s always a good idea to review ongoing actions to see how you can improve them. In fact, specifically in inbound marketing , the analysis phase is always spoken of as a transversal stage to all the others.

And is that if you want to improve the results obtained, first you need to analyze them and then find the areas where it is possible to progress. These improvement points are the optimizations.In the present case, lead nurturing optimization will allow you to obtain more qualified leads for sales . It will not help you increase lead acquisition as such, but to ensure that the leads you have already captured advance in the best possible way throughout this nurturing process . This is possible by providing them with the necessary value at the right time, so that they finally request the commercial contact.Steps to follow to optimize lead nurturing
Before proposing some ideas about what actions to take to optimize lead nurturing results , it is important to take into consideration the process prior to this optimization.That is, first, it is convenient to be clear about what to optimize , and, for this, it is necessary to follow the following steps:Analysis of the results
As I mentioned in the previous point, the first thing you can do is analyze the available lead nurturing results, to see how your current system is working. This operation can be divided into two parts for evaluation:1. Analysis of the workflow in general
Lead nurturing is made up of a set of workflows:

The TOFU (top of the funnel) workflow. It seeks to give more information of interest to the user, with educational content. Its objective is to generate interactions and engagement.
The MOFU (middle of the funnel) workflow. Try to make the user see why the solution being proposed is the best for him. Its objective is that you know the possible solutions that we can offer you in this regard.The BOFU (bottom of the funnel) workflow. These are emails with more commercial content and talking about our company. Its objective is to encourage contact, highlighting that to apply this solution the best way to do it is with your company.
So, you need to define some indicators that help you analyze the general operation of each of these workflows. In this way, you will be able to discover which one works better and which one does not, and how the achievement of the objectives progresses in each one.

In this case, the metrics to analyze are :

Contacts enrolled in the workflow
Contacts that have completed the workflow
Contacts that have achieved the workflow goal
Conversion rate to goal
Workflow completion percentage
2. Analysis of the operation of each of the emails in particular
As the general operation is analyzed, it is also important to review, specifically, each of the emails that make up the different workflows. Doing so will allow you to detect what type of emails work better and which ones are better for you to change.

In this case, the main metrics to analyze are:

Email opening percentage
Email click-through rate
Search for common areas of improvement
Once you have the data from the analysis of the performance of the lead nurturing strategy, it is time to look for common patterns, of what works best and what does not. To do this, look at things like:

What types of issues have the best open rate?
Which links get the most clicks?
What kind of content helps you the most to get there?
Progressive application of improvements and monitoring
The next step is to be clear about this list of improvements that you can apply and create a calendar to progressively make these changes. Planning will help you have visibility into the settings.

Of course, here you cannot forget about the analysis either. And it is that, as you apply changes, you will need a follow-up that allows you to check if thanks to them the data improves or not.

Do you already know everything about lead nurturing and lead scoring? Access the full PDF!
Ideas to optimize lead nurturing
Now, we are going to see the detail of the 13 ideas that I promised you to optimize your lead nurturing.

1. Check that your buyer persona is well defined and updated
I always insist on the subject of the buyer person , but it is essential to make sure that you are clear about who your ideal client is and that you have enough information about the contacts to classify them as such. There is no use nurturing leads so that they advance in the purchase process if you already know that they are not going to buy from you.

This does not mean that you abandon them, but that it may be better to send them other types of communications.

2. Review the scoring criteria
If in the previous analysis of the workflows you detect that there is a bottleneck and that the contacts do not pass from one lead nurturing chain to another as they should be, it may happen that one of the lead scoring criteria is not the ideal one.

The ideal is to find the middle ground between being too restrictive and too little restrictive. That is, do not expect contacts that are not qualified with minimum criteria to advance, but do not make it very difficult for them, since you may end up discarding leads that sales could work.

lead nurturing optimization ideas

3. Make different lead nurturing chains depending on the moment in the purchase process
Lead nurturing has to be made up of three main workflows, the TOFU, the MOFU and the BOFU. In each case you have to take care that valuable content is offered to the purchase process in question.

In addition, it is important that you create different chains for the different needs of the buyer person. It would not work to try to send the same information to heterogeneous profiles with needs that have nothing to do with it.

You should also make sure that the leads receive the information that interests them so that they continue to move forward, without putting them all in the same bag. Although this seems very complicated, automation tools such as HubSpot allow you to establish Smart content , showing one information or another based on the information available from the contact.

Another point to take into account is the objective of your company. That is, if you have set a very specific objective about a product or service that you want to offer, you could also do a specific lead nurturing for it.

4. Offer varied content
Within the same chain of emails, it is advisable to offer different content formats to your leads so that they interact with you in different ways and, thus, enhance engagement.

For example, in lead nurturing TOFU, one option is to combine emails that offer:

Other articles related to your topic of interest
Downloadable guides
Subscriptions to other of your channels
In this way it will not be such a monotonous content and they will value it. It will also help you to work on branding and get visits and better results in other aspects. You can also take advantage of it to see what type of content works best in lead nurturing and enhance it.

ideas to optimize lead nurturing

5. Somewhat mysterious and direct matters
An important aspect to work on in most communications, not only when it comes to a lead nurturing strategy, is the email subjects. But considering that lead nurturing is based on interaction, it is an especially important aspect.

Por mi experiencia, elegir como asunto para un email una frase misteriosa pero directa suele tener un buen open rate.

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