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10 ways to use IGTV for marketing, communication, reputation …


10 ways to use IGTV for marketing, communication, reputation …

When Instagram launched IGTV for marketing in June 2018, the internet went into a frenzy, people started calling it the new YouTube.Instagram. 10 ways to use IGTV in Portugal Phone Number List .True, it hasn’t gotten that far, but IGTV is an extraordinary tool if you’re looking to show videos longer than one minute on today’s most successful network.Now, regardless of whether you manage a commercial brand, a non-profit or an institution, how could you use IGTV for marketing, communication or reputation?Use IGTV for marketing Here are 10 ways to exploit this booming canal:

1. Show benefits:
With the channel’s 10-minute time limit, brands can show viewers all the benefits and features of their products, services, or organizations.FouFou Esthetics provides beauty treatments and is known for its face masks. FouFou posts videos of her facials and provides extended versions on her IGTV channel for anyone who wants to learn how to do their beauty treatments.

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2. Share tutorials:
Just as the product videos show the features and benefits, the tutorials explain how to use it, which very often leads to sales. Since the brand’s launch , Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty PR have made customers feel confident buying the company’s products by providing detailed videos on how to use their makeup.
They have been consistent in uploading tutorials, maintaining a credible brand image, and keeping up with trends.

3. Answer the questions:
To facilitate communication, many companies use IGTV for
Betting Email List by educating their audience and answering their questions. Written Word Calligraphy’s Karla Lim , a calligraphy expert, uses IGTV to answer questions from her audience.His videos range from wax seals to instructions on how to seal envelopes with a paraffin stick. Display products and answer customer questions at the same time, in a win-win relationship.

4. Recurring shows:
Shows create an audience, then a community, and later help retain customers. Depending on your brand, commercial or non-profit, you can put on a show about just about anything. This is perhaps the best way to use IGTV for marketing because it builds brand.John Mayer has a show called “Current Mood.” In it, he has jam sessions and talks to guests. It’s a great way to connect with your fan base and introduce them to new learning experiences.

5. Share opinions of your audience:
Rave reviews build credibility and brand reputation , and give prospects and / or followers the confidence to approach. Video reviews often have more credibility than text reviews.The videos on Milk Makeup’s IGTV channel feature a wide range of people, including audiences, influencers, micro-influencers, and beauty experts reviewing. This type of content is ideal for attracting new customers.

6. Present user-generated content:
People want to feel included, so why not include your followers’ content in your feed? Using IGTV for marketing is about building an audience, followers, fans, and prospects… but the first step is to make them feel close.Benefit Cosmetics has long used members of the public in its marketing strategies. For example, marketers invite customers to show how their products work. Your videos feature a wide variety of people, which also makes your brand diverse and inclusive.

7. Reuse content:
Do you have a lot of videos already? Don’t worry IGTV is a great place to post or repurpose evergreen content .Tiffany & Co. did this with its commercials. His IGTV channel consists of previous television commercials and campaigns. Although running older ads may seem like a lazy attempt, Tiffany uses the technique to reach new audiences who might not watch television regularly.

8. Broadcast live events:
Do you drive or attend special events? If so, stream them live or record them for your audience to see, and then show them on IGTV.This reveals how your brand operates and helps the audience learn more about what you do. The World Economic Forum uses its IGTV channel to share videos about all the speakers at the events they hold.The exclusive content they share makes them unique and worth following, continually growing their audience. They are not a trademark, but this account is one of the best used by IGTV for marketing.

9. Create a client portfolio:
If you make unique products, IGTV is a great place to share your work.Blackforest Wood & Co., builds furniture with wood and resin. Thanks to the long-form videos showing the process of making these beautiful boards, it has gained an impressive following.Due to its success on Instagram, the company constantly uploads new interesting content and engages with viewers on Instagram.

10. Make PR and brand reputation:
Digital communication strategy experts are making long videos and then distributing them on multiple social media platforms and on their own websites.IGTV and YouTube videos, by themselves, can be reused for public relations use by distributing them to digital media and blogs and thereby building digital reputation.We usually do interviews with some brands that have actions or content that really inspire their audiences, and we distribute them through YouTube and IGTV.Are you ready to use IGTV for marketing? Do you know of any cases worth mentioning? We would love to talk about him.
If you want to keep up-to-date with articles like this one, which explain in detail the marketing and communication strategies to create brands that inspire , you can receive them at the door of your email … And if you need advice for your business , you need us to disseminate some content or you need training in online marketing , give us a shout out. We love hearing from you.


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