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10 tricks to improve your visibility on Instagram


10 tricks to improve your visibility on Instagram

If you’ve noticed a drop in your brand’s organic visibility on Instagram , changing its algorithm may be the culprit.But is that really true? With a community of almost 400,000 followers on Instagram, in San Saru we have allowed ourselves the luxury of experimenting until we discover the insides and secrets of our favorite social network: Instagram.list_altIndex of contents
How does the new Instagram algorithm work?
Why have brands lost visibility?
10 tips to increase your brand’s visibility on Instagram
Our conclusion is clear: such an algorithm exists, and yes, it is making its mark. We wanted to check this by comparing the organic visibility of two images that are exactly the same, but published on different dates (5 months apart).In the first photo , the number of visits to the profile is four times higher than in the second . It is also observed that the scope of the latter is lower, like all its other metrics. The results we obtained are evident, the decrease in organic visibility is all phone number list and real!improve visibility on instagramInstagram shows your posts based on the supposed interest they generate. For that reason, commitment and consistency are more important than ever. Creating interesting and valuable content has become a basic and essential premise.


Fortunately, the operation of the algorithm is not a secret. If we know that it is a code that determines and prioritizes the publications that users want to see, let’s take the reins and start improving!Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to the blog!
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How does the new Instagram algorithm work?
The academic definition tells us that an algorithm is software logic designed to solve problems. In the case of Instagram, its algorithm responds to the needs of users, showing them what they want to see.Specifically, it uses the following three factors to carry out its Betting Email List or engagement: it is based on user interactions. Instagram predicts which publications they want to see, based on previous behaviors in similar content (own or external). For example, users involved with profiles similar to yours will be able to see your account in the “Explore” section.
Relationship or relevance: evaluate the users who most interact with your publications and vice versa, prioritizing these profiles when displaying your content. In other words, if you regularly interact with another user, there will be more chances that their publications will appear to you in the future.
Post time : Recent posts have a higher priority than previous ones. Therefore, the freshest content will always appear at the top, on top.
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Also, there are other factors to consider. Instagram also revealed the following considerations:Frequency of use: people who use the application regularly will see more content than those who use it occasionally. That is, if users spend little time on Instagram, it reduces the possibility that your publications will be shown.
Number of followers: Profiles that follow many accounts will see less content for each account. In other words, people who follow a few accounts will be able to see more posts per profile.
Time per session: users who spend more time in the application will be able to see more content. They will see many more recent posts as their feed will be updated more regularly.
Given this, it is easy to know or deduce why brands are losing visibility. Let’s look at some bad practices that can lead to that loss!
Why have brands lost visibility?
The main answer is the most obvious and obvious. Post valuable content and generate interest among your audience! But … what if this doesn’t work for you? Before starting new actions to improve, it is essential to check if you use Instagram in the most appropriate way.

How? Reviewing your rules and ensuring compliance. This social network provides us with a set of Terms and Conditions of Use to take into account to avoid algorithmic penalties. After verifying that your performances satisfy what Instagram indicates and / or requests, it’s time to act!We propose the following specific recommndations so that your publications do not fall into oblivion. And start increasing your visibility today.New Call-to-action
10 tips to increase your brand’s visibility on Instagram
Today there are countless articles with tips on how to increase the visibility of your brand on Instagram . But have you ever come across a great brand unveiling its tricks?I guess your answer will be negative. It is very difficult to get to know what really works (in practice, and not on paper) without having tried tricks and proven techniques. But we have, and we want to share it!1. Get closer to your followers, they want to meet you!
Probably one of the most important tricks. Instagram is a social network, not a commercial one; For this reason, it is essential to publish valuable content with an intention beyond that of generating sales.Do your followers know who is behind your profile? Show them who you are, without fear! This is a fact that helps to generate a link between the brand and the end user. Interact with them and discover their likes, preferences, suggestions, feelings. Get to know them and make them know you. When we give rise to an interaction, our engagement increases considerably.In short, humanizing your brand will help build loyalty to your followers, leading to a later relationship of greater value.2. Relate the content of the Stories and the feed
More and more users are spending their time on Instagram Stories , instead of browsing the feed. This channel is very fresh and spontaneous, which is a great opportunity to appear at the top of the news.So if your publications do not reach the desired audience, we recommend you reinforce your brand by Stories. In addition, you can use it to share recent publications from your feed with your followers, thus connecting both contents.Finally, and as a curious fact, the new algorithm does not distinguish between Stories and feed. Value all interactions received equally. Therefore, we recommend that you explore and strengthen this channel.3. Run sweepstakes and contests. You will reactivate the interest!
One contest a year does not hurt … not two, not three, not four! On the contrary, you will help create interaction and increase your engagement. In the same way, with this action you can get new followers.Do you know the Arizona Vintage clothing brand ? We recently ran a joint contest and increased our audience by thousands of followers. This, obviously, was a great push for interaction and engagement for both brands.

improve instagram visibility – contest

Likewise, we encourage you to carry out micro-contests that do not require external collaboration, with the aim of generating a greater number of likes and comments. Here is a recent example.improve instagram visibility – contestIf you click here , you will be able to enter our Instagram profile and see how the average number of likes and comments increases compared to other daily publications. And it’s super effective at the visibility level!4. Collaborate with other brandsIn the previous point we gave you an example of collaboration in the form of a joint contest. However, it does not have to involve a great cost or suppose you to carry out actions on your Instagram account. You can collaborate in different ways !In the following image you can see a collaboration we do with Freshly Cosmetics. San Saru participated by giving away 4 of his jewels to support the brand’s strategy. This action did not have a direct impact, but at an indirect level it meant an increase in the notoriety of our brand and visibility.improve visibility on instagram5. Post daily and at appropriate times
If you post at times and hours with a low percentage of online users, your content will not receive enough interaction and Instagram will understand that you do not generate enough engagement. This will penalize your future posts and create a vicious cycle.On the other hand, if you post when there are a greater number of users connected, then you will have better opportunities to generate engagement. And how can you tell if your followers are online? Very easy. Analyze your Instagram statistics .As you already know, when an Instagram user interacts with content, this activity is visible to their followers. Publish attractive and quality content whenever you can.Free Download Pack of Social Media Templates
6. But don’t saturate your audience!
Yes it’s correct. It seems that we are contradicting ourselves. Nothing could be further from the truth! Posting daily is not synonymous with uploading content every hour . All actions must be carried out in due measure. Despite recommending you to post on Instagram, we will never advise you (for example) to upload 10 posts every 3 hours.If you need to make a second publication, you can choose to do it in Stories. This way we will avoid that our publications compete with each other to achieve that desired engagement.So you know, not too much, not too little! You will find the ideal frequency after analyzing the number of publications and the interest they have generated. And, over time, you will reach the sweet spot and right for your audience.7. Create specific content for Instagram
It seems obvious, but many times the rush can play tricks, leading you to post recycled content from your other social networks. Don’t make that mistake. It is important to generate specific creatives for Instagram.

On the other hand, we also advise you to identify your publications with the most likes and / or comments to recognize the ones that work best. This way you will discover the taste and interest of your audience, focusing on similar content to achieve higher performance.8. Attract traffic from other channelsWe all know that there are countless social networks available. Why not take advantage of its potential? Delve into the world of Pinterest, Youtube, Flickr and Facebook (among many others), and link your Instagram content with these platforms .In this way, you will reach and attract a much greater volume of potential traffic. For example, you can advertise your Instagram profile on Facebook through a post with a redirect link.Finally, we also recommend linking your account to other platforms or websites. For example, to your business or personal website, to your email, in press releases, blog articles, etc.10. Add an “Alt Text” to your Instagram posts
Alt text on Instagram photos is a new feature with multiple functionalities. These attributes are on every website on the internet, and now, on Instagram too!On the one hand, it acts as an “alternative” description for those with visual problems . You will be able to provide a context for them to understand your content, being able to make your creatives (and even yourself) more accessible to many more people in this community.And it will also help you boost your SEO strategy so that your photos appear in search engines. Then you ask yourself: does Instagram SEO exist? Yes that’s how it is. In the alternative text of your images you should add good keywords. Those that people would type in Google to find your photos.And most importantly, you will reinforce the understanding of your photos by the Instagram algorithm. This image recognition technology helps them “see” what’s in your content, so they can show your post to more like-minded people.And what a bomb! With this small action you will help the Instagram algorithm to grow your account naturally.Here is a small guide on how to add Alt Text to your images . It’s very simple: select the three dots in the upper right corner and click on “edit”. You will see that the text “Edit alternative text” appears in the lower right area of ​​the image. Press and add yours, it’s that easy!improve visibility on instagram alt text

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