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10 trends that are innovating the world of shopping around the world


10 trends that are innovating the world of shopping around the world

New technologies are profoundly transforming shopping worldwide. The new consumer profile demands more experiences and personalization in their purchases, and new behaviors have appeared such as social or group shopping, or alternative commerce. All these trends have been collected by Mindshare in their study “Culture Vulture: Shopping” . The research delves into the different trends that are occurring in society on the way in which purchases are made. “Shopping is no longer a mere transaction or acquisition of certain desired objects, but an experience in itself, where consumer perceptions matter more and more. Furthermore, the development of new technologies and shopping platforms has also led to the emergence of a much more demanding and informed buyer, who relates to brands in a different way “, explains César Andrés Blasco, Research area code denmark mobile , Insights at Mindshare. This globalization of the shopping phenomenon has allowed Mindshare to observe and verify ten cultural trends that are repeated worldwide: Tailor-made: customization from the beginning to the end of the purchase Brands are obliged to prioritize customer satisfaction and customer demands increasingly personalized purchases. For this, brands must not only individualize their products or services, but also invite the consumer to create their own personalization. Buying sensations: looking for experiences, not just products


Although digital technologies have simplified the buying process to the extreme, tangible experiences are still very valuable to buyers. That is why physical stores are being transformed and have gone from being a mere place where the product is dispatched to becoming a richer and more experimental, more sensory space. The customer is always hungry for new content. Play to Win: Looking for Stimulating and Fun Shopping Brands and stores have quickly realized the benefits of gamification in the buying process. The prizes and contests can take place both in a physical store or on a virtual platform. Keep in mind that the game does not always have to be related to the prize to be obtained and that there are brands that create games with the sole purpose of entertaining their consumers. Buy at first sight: the irresistible temptation of an attractive design and Betting Email List The aesthetic and design aspects are very important for a purchase to be “through the eyes”: augmented reality or platforms like Pinterest are some examples. In the same way, the use of different screens and technologies in physical stores help to create a visual experience that also intervenes in the purchase process. Authentic Buying: Guilt-Free, Trust-Based Choices When the consumer buys a product, he expects it to be authentic and to match his mentality. Production companies have to be ethically correct and responsible because otherwise the customer’s perception changes. Transparency is a key aspect. Smart market: shopping is made easy with the latest technologies The constant use of mobile and the need to simplify things are major challenges that brands face today. The purchase must be made easy: tailor-made choices, applications, QR, virtual currencies, deliveries on demand? Buy now: fast, ephemeral and on-the-go consumption The culture of “in-real-time” and ephemeral experiences shape new ways of understanding shopping. The irruption of vendors and street shops, samples or tests for a limited time before the acquisition of a product, express shops, instant sales and vending are manifestations of this trend. Social shopping: unity is strength Social media has completely transformed the buying process. Globalization, the internet and technology allow people around the world to connect and build communities around their interests. Pages about product reviews and opinions, collaborations or collective acquisitions make the consumer make better purchases. “Made In”: Local Purchases Go Global Consumers choose local products as an expression of pride and identity for their history and heritage. This has not gone unnoticed by the big brands that have begun to incorporate artisanal and regional varieties alongside their usual global offer. National holidays or celebrations can become ideal times to create large shopping events. Disruptive sales: alternative trade transforms the world of shopping The global scenario is changing and the new emerging and alternative economies are setting the rules for what the future will be in the world of shopping. Informal and alternative trade, models based more on the subscription than on the definitive acquisition or sustainable economy are some of the manifestations of this change.

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