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10 trends in social media and social networks that brands should not lose sight of


10 trends in social media and social networks that brands should not lose sight of


Social networks have become a very important part of the digital marketing strategy of companies, but the truth is that usually all companies focus on the same points and the same realities to establish what to do and what not to do when the role of the firm in the social universe is analyzed. Despite this, there are certain emerging trends that are changing the landscape of what matters and what does not in social networks and that are already part of the agenda of the most innovative companies. These trends are, so to speak, the ones that latest chinese mobile in general are neglecting the most, although they shouldn’t. In Simply Measured they have carried out a study to detect what are those trends that exist and are emerging but that companies are generally losing sight of. Using social media for SEO As they point out in the report, the brands that are to the last are already directing their efforts in social networks to an SEO strategy. Why are they doing it? Actually, because not doing it is, although it is being left a bit out of the way, a quite important mistake. Search engines, and especially Google, are giving more and more importance to the information they receive from social networks to establish which are the most relevant pages on a topic. The retweets that a content receives are already an element that can influence when it is positioned more or less high in the search results. In fact, as you recall, one of the crucial factors that Google already takes into account when establishing who is more or less relevant is looking at how many linkbacks the content receives on social networks.


It is time to bet on a new type of advertising Or, as they point out, native and interactive ads are taking off and brands need to start investing in them. It does not matter what type of brand it is and therefore the idea is of interest to both B2B and B2C brands: these advertising formats are beginning to be very well received and are being used by early adopter companies . Interactive ads force consumers to respond and give feedback. Natives create natural connections between Betting Email List and brands. Mothers are a rising market on social media Mothers have become active users in social media environments and they are so in a way that brands can capitalize on. Contemporary mothers are using social networks to ask and offer advice to other mothers and these tools have therefore become a flow of consumer information. Streaming services allow you to obtain a lot of data Streaming services only recently appeared on the social media scene, but despite their youth they have already managed to offer something that brands tend to look for wherever they go. These services already have metrics and increasingly allow access to more information about users. Your information is already equivalent to what Facebook or YouTube are offering about the consumers of your videos, with the plus that these videos offer the incentive of real time. Animations are not just a curiosity Users love gifs and animations, but the truth is that this should not remain as just a curious fact and above all you should not simply trust the animations that are circulating on the network. You do not have to use only the gifs of others, what will make the company different and more striking is to have your own animations. It is not that complicated. As they point out in the report, more and more tools that allow you to create animations. Disposable content is emerging The contents do not have to remain in time and they do not all have to ensure a long permanence, as if they were called to be masterpieces of universal literature. In fact, one of the areas in which there is a high growth is, as they recall in the study, the content with an expiration date. Applications like Snapchat are growing very fast in terms of users (although among certain population groups) and many copies are also apparing. Brands therefore have to play that game as well. Social networks are no longer alien to sales You may be tempted to think that sales are not influenced by social networks since the link between one and the other is not as apparent and clear as that which can be found in other elements. However, social networks are already a very important weight to push sales. The statistics prove it. One from Statista points out that by the end of the year social sales will have a world value of 30,000 million dollars and another from Internet Retailers points out that those companies that have made an effort to position themselves on social networks have also managed to see their sales rise. Podcasts are the new trend Podcasts have become an emerging trend in recent months and Internet users are increasingly dedicated to their consumption. On the one hand, the technical conditions make it easier than ever to access the content. On the other hand, the variety of content is increasing. But although the offer is increasingly varied, few are the brands that are taking advantage of the pull of this content. Brands are not yet advertising in podcasts in bulk and they are not creating their own content either. The opportunity is there for whoever wants to take it. The main firms in the market are increasingly being launched as the epicenter of consumption Or, as they point out in the report, the one-stop-shop trend continues to rise. The companies in the sector want to be the place where consumers turn for all those things that involve social networks, mobile and technology, which leads them not only to be the owners of everything that touches those areas (Facebook has the four most downloaded) but also to create new products that allow them to control the entire process. But challenges remain: ROI remains elusive Although social media is becoming increasngly important, the truth is that the situation is still a bit tricky in some areas. For companies, measuring the ROI of their efforts in this area is still complicated and complex and they do not know what are the most efficient metrics for it.

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