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10 SEO strategies to get backlinks


10 SEO strategies to get backlinks

Even though we are in 2019 and SEO is about quality content, the links on other sites that point to your website, also known as backlinks, are considered very useful and valuable for the success of your website.Not forgetting the influence they have on the overall authority score of your domain, quality backlinks can also contribute to higher canada phone number details in Google results.But what are the best ways to get links to your website? In this article we will discuss 10 ways to organically create your link profile that you may not have heard much about. Let us begin!list_altIndex of contents
Building a well-established link profile
Backlink tracking
In conclusion
Building a well-established link profile
There are numerous options to make other websites point to yours, some of them paid and some of them free. However, we will not focus on the strategies that Google disapproves , which involve paying directly for a backlink. Instead, let’s take a closer look at how to generate organic backlinks for your website.Getting an authoritative website pointing to your site without additional financial help can be a daunting task, but the payoff is totally worth it. Anchor texts not only look natural in articles and are used by search engines to determine the topic of a web page and reinforce its relevance, but they can also attract higher quality visitors to your website . Seize it!


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1. Sweepstakes
Who doesn’t like free stuff? If you want to increase the chances of people coming to your website, all you have to do is offer an impressive gift. And as long as the offer is relevant to your audience, people will spread the word. Can we see an example?A raffle in Fresón de Palos offers Betting Email List the chance to win 1,000 replicas of the official Spalding NBA ball and 200 personalized NBA mugs. The rules are simple: buy one of their products, keep your receipt, and enter the drawing to win an NBA souvenir.backlinks giveawaysAnd where do backlinks come into play? Well, in the event that one of the following scenarios occurs:Or the website, Gifts and Free Samples, saw the sweepstakes that Fresón de Palos was offering and thought it would be appropriate to include it in their list of the best sweepstakes so that their visitors could benefit from the sweepstakes and also keep coming back to Free Gifts and Samples site for more useful information in the future.
Or Fresón de Palos wanted to further promote the giveaway and they themselves contacted Gifts and Free Samples, requesting to be included in the list.As a result, Gifts and Free Samples included a backlink in their article that pointed to Fresón de Palos.backlinks giveawaysMaking sure your gift offer is irresistible is half the battle to get on such lists.2. Link roundups
Link roundups are curated lists or a selection of quality links from the best experts, companies, discounts, or articles an industry has to offer that are typically published weekly or sometimes daily.The key benefit of creating such lists is that you will frequently get backlinks from the people or websites you mention. Additionally, lists tend to get more social clicks and chances of being shared, which is considered a positive metric by search engines.In the following example you can see that the Spanish Marketing Association regularly collects the most recent and interesting articles and goups them into a list of current topics.backlinks link roundupsIf you manage to create a top-tier post and get a page with lists of links to link to, your backlink will have relevant contextual links . Plus, you will potentially see more referral traffic to your site.The hardest part here is creating content that is worth sharing and linking to. So, as soon as you post new content on your website, reach out to your network of well-known bloggers, assuming you have one, asking them to share your content on their social media and to place a link pointing to your website in their posts. .3. Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is about promoting your brand and content through people with a large following that can potentially influence your customers’ purchasing decisions.influencer marketing backlinksFor example, above you can see that Rubén Bastón , with almost 13,000 followers, retweeted a tweet from Alicia Rodríguez , whose fan base is close to 6,000 people.Something as simple as a retweet from a reputable source can expose an article to a vast new audience, create an organic link, and hopefully create a ripple effect of people and sites looking to partner with you.influencer marketing backlinksHere’s another example of an influencer promoting a business on Instagram. Catalan fashion blogger Aida Domènech has more than 2.5 million followers, which means that every time she makes a new post on Instagram, it is exposed by a large number of people. For this reason, it makes perfect sense to have decided to promote a brand that your audience will respond to: the Marni online clothing store .But of course, for this to happen, you must first establish a strong personal relationship with the influencer or offer them something that they cannot say “no” to.4. Question and answer sitesQuestion and answer websites are a great place to promote your site for free. You can take advantage of the conversations that take place there and provide your own answer to a problem that is relevant to the website you want to promote. Here you have a great opportunity to link to that web page.backlinks sites questions and answersYahoo! Answers and Quora (illustrated in the example above) are great examples of question and answer sites. Find a discussion on any of these services that is directly related to the topic of the website you want to promote, or create a new topic if there is none. Then write a relevant, high-quality answer that digs into the problem, but at the same time, invites readers to click on your link for more valuable information on the topic.

It’s a win-win situation: readers get direct answers to their questions while you receive a flow of organic traffic to your content.New Call-to-Action5. Expansion of links
Let’s say you’ve received an alert from Google that your brand was mentioned in an article written in a foreign language. To get a backlink, you must contact the author and ask if it would be okay to translate the article and publish it in a resource that is SEO-friendly to you, citing the original author, of course.backlinks link expansionAbove you can see that an article was published in Russian with a mention of the SE Ranking keyword suggestion tool. This presented a fairly obvious opportunity to get a backlink on another medium, which in this case was TemplateMonster :backlinks link expansionAs a result, the original author received more referral traffic from English-speaking countries to his website, while the translation author managed to place several of his own backlinks and get exposed on a crowded site like TemplateMonster.Do not forget to keep in mind that these backlinks also contribute to the “link juice” of a page and that is precisely what link building is all about.6. Review of your products by leading leaders
If you enjoy following great people on social media and watching YouTubers do their thing, chances are you are subscribed to some channels that can have a huge social impact.These types of profiles and channels have accumulated a large following over time, and now they are using their voice not only to express their own ideas or opinions, but also to recommend other companies at a certain cost. Referral leaders can do an incredible job of improving your online reputation and link profile .backlinks product review

ELECTROJUANYU is a YouTube channel that focuses on technical reviews, with a base of almost 120,000 subscribers. In one of their most recent videos they take a closer look at an Elegoo robot .As well as posting a detailed 50 minute review video, likely to be viewed by 120,000 people, they also added a link to the product in the description below the video.Guess where people interested in the product will click to check it out? Correct, in the description link!By clicking on the outgoing link in the video description, people are taken to the Amazon page where they can order such a product, this being the ultimate goal.backlinks product reviewTesting the products and letting the world know about them is the livelihood of many influencers. But getting your product reviewed isn’t an overnight process – it takes a very good product, a smart approach, and a lot of effort to find referral leaders who are relevant to your audience and willing to review your product.7. Employment site linksWhenever your HR department creates a corporate profile on a job search site like Trabajando , Indeed, or Infoempleo , you should take the opportunity to add a link to the home page of your website.backlink job sitesIn the example above, Mercadona has completed its corporate profile page on Indeed, indicating where its headquarters are, the number of employees, thesector and, of course, the link to its website.In addition to being widely viewed as authoritative resources by search engines, employment sites tend to see a large amount of traffic on a practically daily basis, and search engine robots see links to corporate websites when they crawl those sites.

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