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10 reasons to have a corporate blog


10 reasons to have a corporate blog

More and more companies are starting a blog. It is no longer so much talking about themselves, but about what the client is interested in. Some do it to talk about their company and its products; others, increasingly, to talk about matters related to the scope of their products, that is, with topics related to the subject matter to which they are dedicated. Meanwhile, the most daring have blogs related to aspects that do not necessarily have to do with their can i buy a phone number or field, but with something that generates sympathy in their clients. The crux is no longer so much talking about yourself, but about what your client is interested in and focusing the blog on it. What are the reasons for this great commitment to the blog world? Here are ten: n1.- IMPROVE ORGANIC POSITIONING IN SEARCH ENGINES (SEO) . Google – and it is clear that Google commands – loves the generation of content . And what better place to do it than a blog, which allows you to link to other pages, and more importantly, to link to you. It is also a great way to generate traffic to the main website . 2.- THE EASE OF SHARING THE CONTENTS. Not only is it easy to publish, but it is very easy for readers to disseminate your information through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest…).


3.- COST SAVING. Having a blog is free. If the user wants, he can get the domain for about 20 euros. The design and implementation of software to launch a web platform is far behind. 4.- INTERACTION WITH READERS. It is a communication tool. It allows you to have direct contact with customers or users of your services through Betting Email List , a very valuable element to improve the quality of what is offered and meet the needs of your users. 5.- LOYALTY OF THE READERS. By creating content of interest to customers , brands work on their digital reputation and strengthen the relationship with their users. Not in vain many companies incorporate this tool into their loyalty plans : Nestlé , Danone , La Caixa , Coca-Cola … 6.- WORK ON THE BRAND REPUTATION. Having a blog directly works the digital identity of the brand around a specific theme, so that the brand is linked to the published topics. The deal is much more direct with the client who does not see you as much as a salesperson, but as a source of useful content : a medium. 7.- SIMPLE USE OF THE PLATFORMS. Blogspot and WordPress take the cake. The first is from Google, so this one prevails in terms of SEO . The second is more complete, certainly. Both are very easy to use, allow the choice of design templates, some free and others paid, and their implementation is automatic. Blogs are still content managers. 8.- THE STATISTICS. WordPress allows you to check the statistics of visits, unique users, traffic sources, etc. Depending on the configuration of the blog, it also allows you to follow its evolution through Google Analytics. 9.- NO NEED FOR MAINTENANCE AND PROGRAMMING. A single person can manage the texts and the edition of the platform. 10.- IT IS CUSTOMIZABLE. Although the platforms discussed above, Blogspot and WordPress, have default templates, the blog can also be customized. Furthermore, WordPress is free software, so it facilitates the development of websites with the same characteristics as a “custom” development. Perhaps there are only two disadvantages when launching into the world of the blog : the time that must be dedicated to it and that it does not generate direct sales . The rest are advantages.

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