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10 marketing and communication trends that will impact us this year 2016


10 marketing and communication trends that will impact us this year 2016

Although 2015 has not been a year of great changes in terms of marketing and communication, we have been able to see how some strategies have begun to emerge and become part of the agencies’ daily activity. Among the strategies that have evolved the most in 2015, we highlight those of Inbound marketing (content, social media and SEO), those related to lead generation, using On techniques, and the new advertising formats in the digital environment. In general terms, during 2016, everything indicates that investment in MK and communication will continue to rise, although it will not yet experience double-digit growth. The focus of activities will continue to be focused on business development, seeking an ROI that is as short-term as possible. Even so, we began to perceive a greater canada mobile phone number in actions aimed at improving branding and brand positioning. Something so far reserved for market leaders. Below we detail the new marketing trends that in some cases will emerge in this new year and in others will maintain growth rates above the average. 1. Communication and content will go hand in hand . Communication strategies, which have traditionally been separated from the marketing area, will converge in a new discipline that takes into account not only the impacts, but also the benefits related to the improvement of the company’s positioning in the digital environment. Unpublished and highly specialized content is sought more than the media exposure of press releases 2. RTB advertising models will continue to grow


regarding media purchase options. Its market share in B2C could reach 40% in 2016. In addition, the greater complexity of the advertising environment, with new possibilities for segmentation, automation tools. measurement technologies and possibilities of new formats, will produce a price increase. 3. The influencers of greatest interest . The shortage of editorial headlines, together with the implementation of new content MK strategies, will make influencers gain prominence for brands, becoming just as important as the media, let’s say traditional. Its greater professionalization and its high specialization are undoubtedly the main attractions. 4. The “S” strategies are merged . The SEO, SEM and SM activities will tend to be definitively integrated during 2016. In addition, all the content generated must take into account the peculiarities of these three activities. With regard to social networks, there is a reduction in their number, but an Betting Email List in effort in those more related to the type of business-market. 5. The search for greater user engagement with brands will focus part of the efforts of the marketing departments. Strategies such as “Social Coin” where users are asked to write or edit videos about the brand / product experience in exchange for discounts or gifts will experience a strong increase. 6. Video as an advertising medium . The companies will increase their investment in advertising with audiovisual support. VDX formats, for example, allow to better capture the attention of users, guaranteeing a real connection with audiences through a multi-screen brand experience. In this sense, the CPE (cost per engagement) will be a price model that will continue to rise. 7. Big Data and the future Internet of Things (IoT) will allow a much deeper understanding of customers’ purchasing habits. The possibilities will be endless and agencies are beginning to incorporate this trend into their medium and long-term strategic plans. 8. Quality leads will continue to come from Off actions . Despite the efforts of organizations with B2B businesses to explore the “On world”, the truth is that higher quality leads will continue to be generated through classic activities such as tememarketing, holding events and email marketing. What will change is the way these campaigns are articulated. These will be better segmented (even micro-segmented) taking advantage of the new possibilities of Bigdata technologies and above all, more business-oriented, that is, starting from a deeper knowledge of the customer’s “customer journey”. 9. The corporate channels will continue their renewal. During the past year, brands experienced great progress in terms of updating their corporate channels, but there is still a long way to go, since only 35% of companies have responsive supports for tablets and smartphones, some of which vitally important considering that during this year web traffic through traditional posts (few and portable) will be equated to mobile web traffic. 10. Marketing as a service (MAAS). The higher expectations for growth, together with the reduction in budgets that we have experienced in recent years, will cause many companies to opt for the outsourcing of strategic and operational functions under different service and pricing models. The aim is to have the expertise, tools and methodologies of third parties (agencies) with predictable pricing models based on the real needs of each organization.



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