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10 Instanimalists… influencers protecting animals


10 Instanimalists… influencers protecting animals

There are those who say that Accounting Directors Email Lists and communication today is much more difficult due to the number of channels and the dizzying speed at which technology advances ( Digital Darwinism ). The reality is that it is the opposite… for corporations, CSOs, personal brands and yes… even for Instanimalists.The current paradigm in digital communication Imagine that you are a personal brand … what possibilities did you have 25 years ago to make yourself known?Imagine that you manage a CSO, how likely were you that others would support your cause when there was no internet?

Imagine that you have a communication, PR or marketing agency. Do you really think that now, with so many tools, many of them free, you have less chance of reaching your stakeholders?
False.The digital communication requires a lot of intelligence and strategy, true … but because of the arsenal we have today, it is much easier to promote a brand, reputation, a project or a cause.For example, 10 activists defending the rights of animals on Instagram … that is … Instanimalists, do you think they could be so popular and defend their cause without the support that this social network gives them?
Top 10 Instanimalists Digital communication with a cause More than 138,000 dogs and cats were taken in last year in shelters and shelters, according to the Affinity Foundation’s “He would never do it” report.
Digital communication for CSOs Thanks to social networks, this phenomenon can begin to slow down; the way is given: meet the Instanimalists.What are Instanimalists? Niche influencers who through their Instagram accounts are dedicated to raising awareness among their followers to protect animals.
On August 17, the Day of the Homeless Animal is celebrated , and the company specialized in influencer marketing, SamyRoad , has prepared a ranking with the most animalistic Instagram accounts .The choice of these accounts is based on their algorithm, thanks to which they can measure parameters such as engagement – the ability of an influencer to create solid relationships with his followers – , reach – number of followers and degree of penetration in them – , quality image and content, among other factors.
Do you want to know them and see how this social network is a fantastic instrument for digital communication even for causes like this? Take a look!

Accounting Directors Email Lists

10 Instanimalists
Paola Calasanz @dulcineaestudios + than 100K followers
Writer and art director, a few years ago she decided to change the city to move to the country. There, he founded an animal sanctuary to save those who are in danger. Surrounded by deer, wild boar and other animals, the influencer known as Dulcinea, shares her forest lifestyle with her more than 100,000 followers through her account.Jo-Anne McArthur @weanimals 49.2K followers The Canadian photojournalist and animal rights activist is globally recognized for her We Animals project and has documented the dire and plight of animals on all seven continents for more than a decade. Together with Keri Cronin, she is the founder of the Unbound Project, whose aim is to tell the stories of women from different parts of the world whose common denominator is their dedication to improving the lives of animals.

Frank Cuesta (@ wildfrank.fc ) + than 16.8K followers
Francisco Javier Cuesta Ramos, better known as Frank Cuesta or Frank from the jungle, is a renowned activist and television presenter, famous for his fight for Animal Rights. A few months ago, Frank Cuesta witnessed the reality of greyhounds in Spain, business, exploitation and subsequent abandonment. In one of his television documentaries, he showed the harsh reality of these animals whose main exit route is reception and adoption within and outside our borders.Libera Animalista Association! (@liberaong ) 1537 followersGreat defense of animal rights is carried out in social networks by the Spanish association Libera! This non-governmental organization won in 2016 the Public Award for the best campaign in Spanish from the Best of Online Activism (Bobs) awards that, for 12 years, the German public international television Deutsche Welle (DW) has awarded to bloggers, activists and committed journalists. Since its creation in Barcelona in 2004, Libera has made the internet its platform to inform society about the exploitation to which animals are subjected.

Elvira Sastre ( @elvirasastre ) 337K followers
Author of 6 books, she shares poetry and her daily routine on Instagram where Viento and Berta, her two little dogs, participate very actively. Defender of the protection and adoption of animals, Elvira has created an account of her own for her pets together with @soymirmaltagliati. With more than 336,000 followers, the literary writer shows the world how enriching it is to share life with animals.Fernando Tejero ( @Fernando_tejero ) 625K followersIt is common to see the actor Fernando Tejero in campaigns that promote the adoption of dogs and cats. A great lover of the animal world, he takes advantage of his fame to contribute to the dissemination of campaigns calling for an end to the abandonment of animals as well as to give more voice to political parties such as PACMA. From some associations, such as that of ‘El Refugio’ in Segovia, it encourages people to adopt abandoned or abused animals.Verónica ( @embellecethe ) + than 21K followers“Gatuna a plus,” as she defines herself, Verónica follows an ethical-vegan lifestyle. Through his Instagram account, he shares his values ​​regarding animals and the importance of rescuing and adopting them. His publications are very careful and he shares with his more than 21,000 followers alternative routines that respect the world in which we live.Dani Rovira ( @danirovira ) + than 1.5K followersThe Instagram profile of actor Dani Rovira is full of photos of the actor in protectors from all over Spain and of animals looking for a family. He also runs a space within the television program ‘El hormiguero’ in which adoption is encouraged and created with Clara Lago Ochotumbao, a foundation that fights, among other causes, for the defense of animals.

Nicolás Amiard ( @ nicolasamiard2 ) + than 1,000 followers
Animal neglect is sadly common around the world. Nicolas Amiard is a French illustrator alarmed by the figures for his country, which touch 100,000 dogs and cats every summer. As part of the Instanimalists, his Instagram account has published the ‘Summer Adventures’ project, covers of 10 of his favorite childhood movies and series to denounce animal abandonment. The artist puts us in the position of how it would be if The Simpsons abandoned Santa Claus’s Little Helper, Tintin to Snowy, Ash to Pikachu …Jorge Javier Vázquez ( @jorgejaviervazquez ) + than 664K followersThe presenter is a declared Instanimalist and great lover of greyhounds. He captains the social chronicle space Save me, which has the space ¡Perro, que bien!, In which they seek shelter for dogs and other abandoned animals. This set has also served as a platform for the dissemination of the adoption of greyhounds, in collaboration with BAAS Galgo. At present, he lives with 4 adopted greyhounds and regularly collaborates with various animal and protective NGOs in Spain.What did you think of these 10 Instanimalists? Ready to follow them and learn from them?If you want to stay to the day with articles like this, explaining in detail the strategies of digital communication , digital Betting Email List and marketing reputation , you can get them in the door of your mail …And if you need advice for your business or training in digital marketing , give us a shout. We love hearing from you.

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