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10 examples of valuable content


10 examples of valuable content

Content to create engagement, loyalty, reputation and even sales

What will you find in this content?

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10 examples of valuable content
San Juan Egg
Potato Head (Hasbro)
Burger King
SC Heerenveen
Johnnie walker
According to the Meaningful Brands study by HAVAS, a communication consultancy with a presence in more than 100 countries, users would not care if 8 out of 10 brands disappeared from the planet. Why? Because they are not relevant to them. So what is a good example of valuable content… content that does connect?

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To answer it, let’s first think about our personal cases. How many brands of coffee could you name that you have bought in the last year? Shampoo? Jeans? Computers? Telephone? Surely you could not cite more than 3 of each.

You may also realize that the brands you purchase are not necessarily the most valuable on the market. This is because the valuation that is made of the brands is by the size of sales, not even by utility and much less by preference or relevance for its audience.

Thus, in Mexico, medium-sized and even local brands are remarkably prospering without coming close to being the most valuable in the market, which many times have lost real contact with their audience.

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What makes a brand relevant to a potential user and / or customer? Well, there are many variables; and that is why today the concept of brands with purpose is taking so much flight. However, let’s put that aside today and focus only on the part of how these brands communicate, what type of marketing they do, what examples of valuable content could serve as a guide.

According to HAVAS, value content has one of six aspects:

Of course, saying it is simple, but executing it is something else. That is why today we show 10 examples of valuable content.

10 examples of valuable content
In Mexico, vaccination against the pandemic is slow; older adults were the first group selected after health personnel. They have been given a calendar by surname and area where they live.

Many of them obviously no longer drive, and sometimes they don’t have someone to drive them. In a strategic move, Didi launched this program, which in addition to encouraging sales, achieves a positive impact on this vulnerable group. They created this video to spread and share it on social networks, closing the loop by even doing reputation marketing .

What Nissan did was a hit in terms of communication, considering the virality it achieved with the donation of just one of its vehicles.

We talked about the case of the special education teacher , Nallely Esparza Flores, from Aguascalientes, who traveled from house to house to her students, to continue teaching them, following the necessary safety protocols, on the box of her pickup truck.

When the people of Nissan found out, they saw in it an enormous opportunity to help the positive impact that the teacher was already generating, and also spread her brand, and for that reason they donated a new truck, which they also adapted especially for her, converting in a mobile classroom.

The piece of content they created is wonderful because it lasts 60 seconds and therefore can be shared on any social network. They also did a fantastic PR job, getting a lot of media, including national ones, to cover the story.

When we talk about one of the most powerful brands on the planet, whose owner constantly discusses the title of the richest man in the world, do not think that if some of its users asked for something, it would listen quickly … much less change part of its graphic identity or yes?

The Amazon logo for its app had been renewed at the end of January, but due to some complaints from the public it changed again. The reason? some users pointed out that they were thinking of Hitler’s mustache when looking at the design, which is actually a blue duct tape over a curved arrow.

The retail giant may well have said – don’t talk nonsense and get used to it – but it did just the opposite. He changed his identity by making a slight transformation by folding a corner of the tape. This is stakeholder marketing !

Amazon, examples of valuable content
San Juan Egg
We had already analyzed the case of Huevo San Juan’s communication and how they created followers of the brand and built loyalty.

Well, today again an example. On this occasion, a brilliant Instagram post, simple and objective, crossing the product with what HAVAS points out: content that educates the user … and last but not least, showing brand innovation, a quality that, according to the RepTrak model, is one of the 7 dimensions that build brand reputation .

The result? More than 380 reactions and dozens of comments. The brand’s Instagram has several examples of valuable content for its customers and audience.

Potato Head (Hasbro)
Surely you recently heard that the toy we knew for years as Mr. Potato Head will no longer be called that. The brand removed the “Mr.” of the brand, and now launched a potato face family with two large potatoes for the girl or boy to decide what their potatoes are.

Sound crazy to you? It’s a brilliant move for inclusion, especially when the family model today is so sui generis. We refer, yes, to LGBT + structures but also to family structures such as single mothers living with their daughter and grandmother, or even single-parent families.

Hasbro developed the new product and created this video that has been being shared on social media and even through digital PR efforts.

Burger King
The hamburger brand is showing in recent years that it understands the new communication paradigm like few others.

the reduction of meat in the diet is a pressure that is coming from two sides: health and climate change. The first is obvious: a diet based on more vegetables and less red meat is much better because of problems like cholesterol, fat and sodium that can trigger high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. While on the side of climate change, according to the State Coordinator Stop Industrial Livestock, intensive livestock is responsible for 14.5% of Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Hard hit if the main product of your brand is made with meat, don’t you think? Well, what strategy has the chain followed? Start selling plant-based burgers. Again, an example of product development, designed to remain relevant in the current paradigm that is no longer simply selling and selling.

And in digital communication ? They have been pushing Meatless Monday to invite you to consume this new product, and they even created these infographics that they distributed through RP.

And of course, the BurgerKing competition could not be absent. Do you want to know how to use Linkedin to build brand reputation? McDonald’s is a huge case . There is no other company that does it like them. A true collection of examples of valuable content, designed to improve brand perception.

All its contents are on different topics but always in pursuit of improving the perception of the brand. They talk about inclusion, environment, equity, innovation, results. They are the benchmark in this social network.

To show one of the many contents that they broadcast there. In this they talk about being one of the 10 largest buyers of renewable energy in the United States.

SC Heerenveen
During the pandemic, we have not been able to go to the stadiums … but it does not mean that the bears either, does it?

During matchday 6 of the Eredivisie , SC Heerenveen received Emmen with 15,000 ‘fans’ in their stands in the midst of a pandemic. However, the risk of contagion was nil, since the spectators were bears… stuffed animals.

The reason thousands of ‘Teddy Bears’ wearing a home team jersey were placed on the seats was because the club used its channels and the presence of the media to put the bears up for sale and donate the money to the fight vs. . childhood cancer. There were none left!

They made several pieces of photo and video content, but this one is adorable, even faking the typical camera that captures couples kissing in stadiums.

Natura , the international brand of cosmetics inspired by nature launched a new channel for content last year, clearly thinking about what else could I give to my audience person? What other habits would someone who is interested in the themes of harmony with the world? The answer was simple: meditation.

And the brand’s response then was also simple: an app for guided meditations .

So or clearer how to reinforce positioning and hook your audience even more with valuable content, without the need to be invading them with sales ads?


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