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10 digital trends in 2020


10 digital trends in 2020

The new digital trends in 2020 are key to developing your company’s digital marketing plan. These are the ten points that you have to keep in mind and apply them in your strategy.

Voice: improve searches
Voice search opens up a world of possibilities that seems to be taken from the not-too-distant future. According to Google, 1 in 5 searches are already done by voice . Therefore, the next step in this new technological aspect will be to buy or make transactions through voice . According to ComScore, voice searches are expected to reach almost 50% this year 2020 .

Interactive campaigns
Users are looking for new online experiences, more visual and innovative content that stands out from the rest, that makes them be more attentive and above all that is “shareable” . Giveaways are still one of the best ways to capture customer France Mobile Number Database , make them participate in the brand image and generate engagement among them.

Content is key (and ephemeral)
Another trend that is strengthening is the generation of content to attract followers, buyers or potential customers. The high quality content allows brand positioning as an expert in a particular sector . In addition, the content is what allows us to appear in the search engines that today are still an important source of traffic. Generation Z is a great creator of content (selfies, direct, stories …) and can be a support in our content strategy if we know how to take advantage of their predisposition to interact with our brand and upload related content, User Generated Content (UGC) .


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Ephemeral content will generate more engagement. Most brands are taking advantage of the success of stories (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook). Having stories that appear at the top of your followers’ feed helps keep the brand present in their minds .

The user expects to receive personalized content and communication, in this way, they empathize with the brand and feel closer to it. For this, it is necessary to know the customer, interact with him and obtain Betting Email List and information . Machine learning algorithms try to predict the behaviors and preferences of users to give them what they want in the easiest way possible: through the offer of related products or services ( cross-selling ) or the possibility of exclusive advantages for being a user faithful ( up-selling ).

The best way to achieve this customization is through Social Ads and the study of the different segments we want to focus on. This personalization of the ads makes users accept the advertising positively (up to 30% according to the IAB Spain study), precisely because it adjusts to their tastes and preferences and, in this way, is perceived as less intrusive.

Social Selling
Social networks have become the perfect channel to promote social selling . Some of these platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram or 21 Buttons, have taken a step further and have revolutionized electronic commerce, allowing online stores to be integrated into them . In this way, it is easier for the user to purchase the products they view.

This is the case of Instagram, which in 2019 took a step further, with the launch of its Instagram Checkout functionality . This allows you to make purchases directly from the app itself , without having to leave the platform itself, facilitating conversion and reducing the chances of abandoning the purchase process.

mobile as a key tool for the digital marketing plan

Mindful marketing in digital trends
Conscious marketing is one that takes into account the concerns of users such as the planet, politics or social causes. It is no longer enough to be sustainable and socially responsible brands, but users want companies to take action and demonstrate their corporate social responsibility policies with tangible facts. Consumers expect brands to have a cause, a purpose , demonstrate that commitment, and that their corporate social responsibility actions are sincere.

The mindful marketing to generate consumer loyalty to the brand through a social bond.

Digital Detox
Users of social media worldwide do not stop increasing. However, the number of users who are reducing their use and optimizing their behavior, too. Because data privacy is not going through its best moment, many users choose to disconnect not only to improve their mental well-being but to protect themselves against these problems.

In 2020, users will follow fewer accounts and will follow those that contribute more qualitatively , with those that have the most affinity and, above all, those that are transparent and trustworthy.

Over time, chatbots have become great allies. They are key to making customer service faster and faster. 20% of business content could be machine generated. Those who have adapted to chatbots the fastest are millennials : 60% of their users.

It is estimated that 80% of companies want to incorporate chatbots into their services , including having conversations on the phone with a human-like voice and recognizing and assisting with more complex inquiries.

Video Marketing
Video is 90% of the content shared by users on social networks. Not only is it the number one advertising format, it is also the fastest growing worldwide: it has doubled year after year. By 2020, video will account for 80% of all internet traffic .

Through video marketing he connects with users in a fast, direct and emotional way. In addition, audiovisual content has a positive impact on sales and ROI:

Tweets with video get 3 times more responses and retweets than those that don’t.
90% of users say that product videos are useful when making purchasing decisions.
64% of users who watch a video tend to purchase one of the associated products.
DOOH (Digital Out Of Home)
Finally, outdoor digital advertising is one of the most interesting and eye-catching 2020 digital marketing trends. Brands interact with customers from interactive digital screens , which, in the event that they are connected with programmatic purchasing, will adapt their messages to the context and the user.

Thanks to geofencing (technology that establishes virtual boundaries in a real geographic area) and the location provided by mobile phones, outdoor digital advertising screens connected to the Internet will receive real-time information from passers-by, making it possible to recognize their profiles as consumers and make offers appropriate to your tastes and needs.

Brands such as Toyota or British Airways have already starred in striking success stories in DOOH marketing , using data in relation to environmental factors.

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