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10 brands that knew how to do empowerment marketing in 8M


10 brands that knew how to do empowerment marketing in 8M

Together, Luis Maram and Socialbakers analyzed the communication of brands on social networks within the framework of Women’s Day. Which brands did it best?

What will you find in this content?

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Marketing and International Women’s Day
The 10 brands that achieved the best engagement in # 8M2021
7 keys to empowering marketing
A violet wave advances steadily through the streets of the world. During March, the month in which International Women’s Day is commemorated, its strength intensifies. Millions of women join their voices to call for gender equality; and brands cannot be indifferent to it. Doing empowering marketing and committing yourself to this cause is a great way to connect with the female audience.

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In a joint effort, Luis Maram and Socialbakers, a platform specialized in social networks, carried out an analysis of the content published by the brands with the best reputation, within the framework of International Women’s Day . What did we find and what brands were the ones that shone the most? We reveal the details to you.

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Taking a stance is no longer optional. Today’s consumers want brands that walk side by side with them and help them solve the social and environmental problems they face. The fight for gender equality is undoubtedly one of them.

According to information from Kantar, women control up to 80% of consumer spending. However, 76% of them do not feel identified with the communication of the brands and the image that the advertising shows of them.

empowerment marketing
The role of the mother woman, dedicated solely to domestic and care work; and the object of desire, do not conform to current female aspirations. Today women want the freedom to develop freely in public spaces, work as professionals and have the possibility of occupying positions of power.

Dozens of brands have found that empowering marketing is the answer to connecting with a female audience unhappy with the gender roles that have been imposed on them.

In recent years, brands such as Dove, Always and Nike have opted to champion movements in favor of the real beauty and strength of women in the world of sports. Efforts like these often intensify during the month of March, framed on International Women’s Day.

Marketing and International Women’s Day
Although most brands have yet to make a deep commitment to gender equality, empowering marketing during the month of March and sharing messages in favor of the female cause has become common practice.

The publications made by the brands in the framework of the 8M grew by 89% compared to 2020.

Report The 10 brands with the best Engagement on Women’s Day – Socialbakers and Luis Maram.
It is on the eighth day of this month that, according to the United Nations (UN), is commemorated International Women’s Day. It is a date that commemorates the struggle of working women for their right to a life free of violence and on equal terms with their male colleagues.

This commemoration has its origin in the women’s labor movement, marked mainly by two important historical events: The strike of textile workers in New York in 1857, repressed for fighting for fairer wages and better working conditions; and the burning of a textile factory in that same city in March 1911, which claimed the lives of 146 workers locked up.

Understanding the origin of this commemoration is key for any brand that wants to ride the purple wave during the month of March. Generating efficient communication depends on the brand’s empathy with the struggle of women. It’s not enough to paint the logo purple and congratulate them for being “the most beautiful thing on earth.”

Developing content that promotes female empowerment, salary equity, leadership and non-violence against women, is then the best way to align with what it represents, not only the month of March, but the constant struggle of women.

The 10 brands that achieved the best engagement in # 8M2021
Through the Socialbakers platform, we analyze the social profiles of the brands, taking as a sample those that, according to Merco, enjoy a better reputation among Mexican consumers.

The objective of this analysis was to identify the publications with the highest engagement related to four communication axes:

Economic and labor relations
Body (body shaming)
Gender violence
This year, the brands in the top engagement are characterized by having made content that goes beyond commemorating Women’s Day, delving into topics such as empowerment and gender equality.

With only 356 publications made in total, 725 thousand interactions and 1.1 thousand comments were generated on the different social networks.

Know the ranking!

With 21 publications made to commemorate the presence of powerful women in film and entertainment, Netflix tops the ranking of the 10 companies with the highest engagement; followed by Sony, Cinemex, Aeroméxico and Grupo Bimbo, which complete the top five.

Instagram was positioned as the network with the best efficiency in the communication of International Women’s Day, generating 4x more average interactions per publication.

Publications related to the empowerment of women and their professional development constituted more than 75% of the outstanding content of the brands, and sparked the highest number of interactions.

The contents related to gender violence, on the other hand, have obtained the highest percentage of positive reactions (75.6%) followed by those related to labor relations and the professional development of women, (74%).

Content related to gender violence aroused 75.6% positive responses among social media audiences, this 8M.

This confirms that, despite the reluctance of many brands to express a position on controversial issues, openly condemning violence against women is a welcome action by audiences.

And it is that, when it comes to gender violence, silence is often interpreted as complicity.

It is enough to take a look at movements like #MeToo, popularized in 2019 to reveal and condemn sexual harassment within various industries, to realize the tremendous implications that today has for the reputation of brands being linked to stories of harassment and gender violence .

Marketing empowerment is undoubtedly a strong statement by brands to support women, who in turn have significant power in terms of consumption. It is a strategic decision and an opportunity that you cannot pass up.

At the same time, failing to do so can have significant consequences. How to take advantage of this turning point to connect with the female audience, without taking risks?

7 keys to empowering marketing
Empowerment marketing is a tool, not only to address gender inequality itself, but to inspire women to find their own voice. By the way, brands are worth a lot of points to win the hearts of the female public, reinforce their reputation and, why not, even earn a place on their account statements.

Of course, the contents analyzed in this report show that understanding the subject is key to generating efficient communication and connecting with audiences. Here we share seven keys so that your brand can ride the violet wave without putting its reputation at risk.

1. Review your corporate practices:
The credibility of your communication depends on the consistency in the behavior of your brand. If you decide to publish content related to the fight against gender violence, but you do not have a protocol that supports this position, you will be putting your reputation at risk and it is better to refrain from communicating.

BBVA, whose publications against violence stand out in our analysis, has a firm commitment to this cause within; especially in Mexico and Spain, where it is part of the initiative ” Companies for a society free of gender violence “.

2. Make commitments:
Your brand does not need to be perfect, but if you find that it still lacks policies or initiatives that favor gender equality, this may be an excellent time to make commitments in this regard.

3. Avoid the desire for prominence:
The fight for gender equality belongs to women. The best way to do empowerment marketing is to give up space. Look, for example, how Cinemex did it; who used her social networks to highlight the work of Mexican women in the film industry, without trying to make her brand shine above them.

You can also take a look at the case of Grupo Bimbo, which through its social networks has spent several days telling the stories of outstanding women within its work team, at all hierarchical levels.

4. Have empathy:
Fear, pain, anger and indignation are the engine of the struggle of women for their rights. The right to earn the same salary as their male colleagues for doing the same job and to develop freely in all kinds of careers; but above all, the right to live without fear.

Particularly in Mexico, where there are between 9 and 11 femicides every day, it is a sensitive issue. It is important that your brand shows empathy.

See how Seguros Monterrey, which achieved the highest number of interactions per thousand followers, achieves it in an extraordinary way.

5. Find your space:
You don’t need to address gender-based violence, femicide, abortion, or other sensitive issues. Find your brand space by asking yourself what it can contribute to female empowerment. Just like Deloitte did with this content.

6. Avoid stereotypes:
Yes, it seems obvious, but approaching female empowerment from the same stereotypes it seeks to combat is a mistake made by many more brands than you imagine. Even the most experienced.

See how CEMEX completely avoids stereotypes, highlighting the role of women in the construction industry and proving that they can integrate into typically male spaces with great success.

7. Build on an inclusive foundation:
If you decide to integrate women of all ages, ethnicities and sexual orientations into your communication, you will not only ensure that you have a greater representation of the wide spectrum of femininity in the world; by the way you will be avoiding the trap of stereotypes. Two birds with one stone!

Have you already seen this video from Sony Channel? A forceful sample of reputation Marketing building on the foundations of female empowerment.

Empowerment marketing is undoubtedly a valuable tool for brands to connect with their audiences, and form part of a huge social movement, becoming agents of change. Doing so requires a great effort to deconstruct the vision of marketing that we know and adopt the already familiar violet lenses of the gender perspective; but the work is certainly worth it.

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